Wednesday, October 27, 2021


 Yep--gonna blame this 'great' idea all on my friend -- Deb--

over at Happy to be

I am sewing all my yo-yo's --by color group--into 4 patches--
I seen Deb doing this for her larger hexies that she is doing by color of month--
and I decided it was perfect answer for-- 
"what am going to do with the yo-yo's"!!!!

and so--the top photo is the teal group and the orange group and the bottom color is the blue group!!
the next group I will do is the red yo-yo's!!!
So a big Thank you, Deb for the idea!!!

I also finished off another fall counted cross stitching this morning--

the cross stitch I showed you on the last post and this one I got from this and they were free patterns--

Thank you for these--I have had fun stitching them--have one more fall I am working on before I move on to Christmas cross stitching!!

And then this week I have also been working on getting this panel basted--for hand quilting--

It's a long panel, but only about 36" wide and it has all my favorite animals on it!!!  Tonight I should be able to finish the hand quilting on the blue heart quilt and then I will start on this one--at least that is the plan--there is a small cat quilt that is all basted and I would like to do it too--so we will see which quilt makes the most noise in wanting to be worked on first!!!?????




  1. The Christmas quilt is beautiful! I've been looking at them on Etsy...just looking! lol Nice that it's supposed to cool off even more this week! YAY!

  2. Glad that idea worked for your project as well! Looking good. I get to supervise rollerskating on Sunday afternoon for my troop. As long as I don't have to put on skates I should be good!

  3. Just love those adorable blue and orange yo-yos--what method do you use--I just do the hand method--I've tried the Clover thing but found it too fiddly...anyway...yours are looking so neat...grouped by color will be just lovely...hugs, Julierose

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing your yo-yos grow into a quilt.
    Lovely Halloween cross stitch.
    Your Christmas panel looks great.

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