Saturday, October 16, 2021


 For some reason this phrase from that popular song years ago--

just popped into my head this past week while I was hand basting a wall hanging!!!

And I got to thinking about old songs==probably the first 'repeat' song for me was--

M I C K E Y M O U S E--that is when my mom would let me watch it--she didn't like the way some of  the 'mice' danced--too, sexy she said!!! (she thought Elvis was of the devil for the way he danced!!!--if she could see what dancing is today and how they dress--she might think Elvis was an Angel!!!!!) 

And the only song now--even after some years-is Frozen!!!--think I will stick with --Puff the magic dragon-I am not  a fan of the cold!!!

Back to what I am suppose to be posting about--

What projects am I working on????

This is the 'puff the magic dragon' basting project--have started the hand quilting on it--
(I have nearly gotten the blue heart quilt done--just one bottom row of hearts to do and then the outside borders--but, set it aside to get this Halloween one done)

And here is the newest counted cross stitching project--

Humm--wonder what 'Di' is stitching here?????????

And I just couldn't seem to stop knitting these--

I knitted up all the cotton dish yarn I had--and when I went looking for more--I was in for a shock!!

I used to pay about $2.97 or less for a ball of the Sugar n Cream--and Amazon and Walmart now want $6.00 for just one ball--I did find it at JoAnn's for $4 a ball--but I really need to stop knitting them--have no idea who I will gift these too as it is!!?????

And I spent one afternoon--getting "high" off Tacky glue 'fumes'--

making these--

So now all six of these Fall-Halloween cross stitches are ready for display--

But my little fairies are on vacation--again--think they flew up to Daytona Beach for bike week--

and so they just sit on the table with the other Fall decorations!!!!

Well--today we are at 91 degrees again--but nice dry air--but we are suppose to get a big cool down for us tonight and then our temps will only be in the low 80's--so I need to be sure my 'sweater' is handy!!!




  1. I love those crochet thingys you are making. We have one we put the coffee pot on when it's cooling. Love your cute cross stitch finishes too. You stay busy all the time. Maybe tomorrow it will be cooler...I hope! Hugs!

  2. I saw some similar yarn for dish cloths at the dollar tree. If you have one near you give it a try. Great projects.... now I have Puff the Magic Dragon rolling through my head!

  3. Oh, love those dishcloths - which pattern do you use? xx

  4. Don’t know how I missed this fun post of yours….
    Your Halloween wall hangings are lovely…
    I was send a set of those little coasters some years ago in a swap and hubby and I use them every day under our cups…..


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