Wednesday, October 6, 2021


 for Di in going outside twice a day--she is not getting anything done inside--and she needs to do a blog post--

so get out the iron and lets get the last blocks and such she has gotten done in the last 10 days and get them pressed and then do photos--so we can do this post!!!!

Good girl--

So here goes--

I got this 'free' embroidery finished--

I enjoyed stitching on this afternoon's after I came inside from being out on the patio visiting and now and then feeding the squirrel that would come up for a peanut!!

Also got the latest block from 'Joy's' site embroidered--

And I hope she doesn't mind--but added the lacey looking doily under the teapot!!

And this week I also finished the 'Jars' counted cross stitching--

This was really a fun stitchery--

And I did get the orange heart all appliqued on to the back ground piece--
I need to start some of the fancy embroidery on these hearts and I need to count them and see how many I have done--as I only did one in each color this year!!

Years ago--when I got back into knitting alittle I used to knit these '13' point dish cloths--
and the other day on a site-someone printed the pattern for them and I had to try and see if I could still do them--and I am happy to say--they came out perfect ---but---they are addicting--as there is a 3rd one on the needles now--and yes--there is still a pair of socks I am working on and a shawl-and the baby sweaters--
talking about the baby sweaters--I just sent out a box of 15 of them, with 2 hats, and several cute pairs of baby and toddler socks to the World Vision center!!!

And yesterday afternoon--before I visited out on the patio--I walked over to the Molly Mutts thrift store--took a few things over for donations---and yes--carted a few new things home--

a large fall type bird for decorating (now if the fairies would go down to the storage unit and take out the front stuff so I could get to my bag of fall things hanging on a hook in the back--I could actually decorate some--hummm!!!!!

and they have a Christmas area now in the shop and this little snowman guy wanted to come home with me--I tried to talk him out of it--but he insisted I needed 'him' for my collection--(but I do think he needs a couple black dots for eyes!!)

And the other night I was reading blog sites and it got darker off to the north of me--No rain--but I looked out and seen this--

a very intense rainbow--

Then a big flock of birds came and fly over top of that building and off to the south of here--
I see them often do this about this time of late afternoon--

The rainbow stayed for a long time--so pretty to watch!!

Oh and I got a new 'mouse'--I must be hard on my mice--I seem to need to get me a new one every 18 months or sooner--but what a difference a new one makes--I have already 'house broke' this one!!!!!

Well that's it for tonight--do take care and be sure to enjoy some nature this week--then post some photos on your site if you have one !



  1. Ha! That last cartoon! Love the knitting and I too saw that on Jocelyn's site this weekend for the neat dish cloth. I think the added touch on the doily is perfect.
    I hear a chicken honking... must be an egg to retrieve.

  2. Some gorgeous projects there. I love a rainbow - nature is amazing.

  3. I make those knitted dishcloths too. That lace Doilie looks good.

  4. Nice to have time to go outside but you also worked on many pretty projects…
    The doily under the teapot looks lovely.

  5. What a beautiful rainbow!!! I love your cross-stitched jars. And life is too short. If you want to go outdoors for a day, do it!!


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