Wednesday, December 1, 2021


It really is time to do the count down--just 24 more days till Santa comes!!

Aren't you excited--what wonderful things are on your list for this year?? 

I have been busy this week--but have managed to get the tree out of the storage unit--

and put up and the lights and tinsel on it yesterday--

Don't tell anyone--but this year it was suppose to be the multi colored lights turn--but the 'maid' put clear lights on it again--

what can I say--??? 

 and then I usually do silver tinsel with the clear lights--but half way though putting it on--I realized--it wasn't working for me this year--so we 'relocated' the gold tinsel (it was in hiding, back down in the storage unit!!) I used the gold--

then today I did get the ornaments on it--

I did not put as much on it this year--though--who knows what I will decide to add to it before Christmas actually gets here????

Here is a closer look at the top of the tree-

and the bottom of the tree--

I did a bus ride to the Publix plaza two days this week--first on Monday with another resident, Virginia (who is 90 yrs young--and we went to the Dollar Tree--but when we go on the 10:15 bus--we only have half hour to get from one end of the plaza--to the store and check out and to the other end to pick up the bus back on the hour-

So I did another trip, by myself on the 9:45 bus--that got me there at 10:00 and I had a whole hour to shop and that was much better--again I only went to the Dollar tree--Now everyone is saying--so what is a 25 cent increase in the price of each item--well--in the two days--on the items I bought--I saved a total of $15!! big savings--before they raise the price here on Dec 5th--I don't get much from there all year long--but for Christmas--and this year there is a door decorating contest --so needed some items to do my door!!

OK--now I know you want to know if I am doing any sewing--and the answer is 'yes'--I did get No.3 done of the snowmen--

and I have at least half of No. 4 done (tomorrow another one comes out!!)

and I did get the last of the blocks for the Stay at Home-stitch along ready to embroider--

but this probably won't get stitched on for a bit--cause of the snowmen blocks--
and I am steadily hand quilting on the Christmas panel each night--
and doing some knitting when I get too tired to stitch--
 Well--this is my up date for now--




  1. I love your Christmas quilt! It makes me want to look on Etsy though! lol The snowman is very cute too. Enjoy your week!

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  3. Such a pretty decorated Christmas Tree...
    Lovely Christmas quilt and some nice stitching ....

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  5. I Love your tree! Mine isn't up yet, but maybe over the weekend? lots happening here, so I'll call soon.


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