Monday, May 9, 2022


 I know I had to do a couple photos to share and ended up with several photos by the time I had cleaned off the cutting table!!

Last week the order for the fabric to go with the new purple lavender blocks came in--

Now I really do have to get busy and find some sewing machine time!!!

and this piece popped into the order--

Who could resist cats--even if you don't own one!!

And with my birthday on Friday --I got some other fabrics as gifts--

some fabric bundles from my friend up north--Anne--these are all in the same series!!
and an assortment of some odds and ends-

and this piece of fabric she had wrapped a gift in and some cute buttons!!

And she sent me this cute crewel embroidery kit--and I started it over the week end!!

And I had ordered some batting as my stash was getting low and when Peggy (Sunny) called me on my birthday to chat I was telling her and a 'light bulb' moment happened--and I realized I had order '6' packages of 'neutral' color batting and not white--I use mostly white batting these days--so yesterday I did get on the computer and ordered 4 more packages of white batting--guess I will have a nice stash now!!!!

This poor hot mat is over 12 years old--and I will spare you of seeing the smaller one I made at the same time--I made these from scraps I got at the Quilt shop in Watkins Glen when it was open and I lived there--
so time for some new ones, today--hot off the sewing machine--

2 regular sized mats and 2 shorter ones ( I like the shorter ones for taking things out of the small oven I have on the counter)  I made these from the Rooster scraps from making the new table quilt covering for the kitchen table!!!

And one last finish--a counted cross stitching project--

now to decide how to finish it into something????

Had a great birthday--lunch at Mister 01 pizza with Virginia--another resident here--

Lots of cards in the mail--some with $$$$!!!

And my son and dil got Red Lobster take out and we had a lovely meal out in the gazebo!!



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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Are you still celebrating your birthday? I sure hope so because I want to send you some birthday hugs today! I love getting pretty things in the mail and then you turn them into something even prettier! Enjoy your day! Too hot to get outside today! lol Sweet hugs, Diane