Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Every body knows that when you work a 5 day work week--then Wednesday is considered --Hump day-and here it is nearly evening and Hump day is nearly over--

But I do need to do a post--cause I bet some of you are wondering where I am or have been???  Cause that's what blog post reader's do--worry about each other when we don't hear from someone for a few days--or--that is what we used to do--things have changed so much here in blog land--that I am not even sure "what is what" these days!!! 

I did get my green flower for the month of May appliqued--

I couldn't remember what shade of greens we were suppose to do the day I pulled the green stash out--so just picked 3 greens I liked and made me a flower!!!

Every evening I do spend alot of time hand quilting on this linen quilt top--

And am happy to say that I am at least 2/3 of the way done--just the top 2 rows now to hand quilt--

And for knitting I finished a pair of socks--

these were knitted with a lighter weigh of yarn and could be worn in the summer--
and then I set up another pair of socks on the needles--

And I soon realized that these 2 cuffs did not match at all for where I started them-so the one on the right side had to be re-done so it looked a bit more like the one on the left!!!!

Also finished another baby sweater--
a real pretty pink one!!!

And I did some personnel sewing--

I am under tall as they say--so even capris are way too long for me--so I finally got these 3 pair shortened so that they look more like capris when I wear them and not 'pants'--

And look--

I finally got the cutting table cleaned off so I can sew--I won't tell you that it got all loaded up again for a couple days this week--had to wrap birthday gifts for my sister June in NY and get that box in the mail--that did get done and is on it's way for a Monday birthday!!!

Today for lunch me and two other residents walked next door to a little eatery called--Grey Bellies!!! Virginia and I had the cinnamon French toast and Cheryl had some kind of sandwich--!!  This is in a small house on main street and they have inside and outside seating--we ate inside to enjoy the air conditioning as it was a bit warm here in Florida today!!!  This place has the best shoestring french fries that are seasoned--and yes, you get them with the French toast too!!!!



Maria said...

Any green is good and your green flower looks great.
Well done working on the quilting.
Lovely pair of socks and a good start to the next pair.
Does it matter if they aren’t the same ??
Sweet pink cardigan.
Pleased you went out and enjoyed lunch with your friends….

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I showed the pencil to hubby and we had a laugh! I still grab a pencil every time for some list I'm working on! Enjoy your day. Stay inside where it's COOL!