Sunday, June 19, 2022


 On a Sunday again--and so far it is sunny here--about 92 degrees outside and a slight breeze--but they say T-storms later this afternoon--we will see????

I have 2 finishes for this past week--

one is a quilt top--

Here is the lavender quilt I designed--but now I am wondering if I should do some unstitching??  And switch the top and bottom borders with the 2 side borders--and if it would make the long lavender flowers look better--what do you think????

larger photo of some of the fussy cut blocks I did!!
I also have the binding all made for this one--

and have the batting--but do need to order something for the backing??

And another little baby sweater is finished--

And yes--there is another sweater on my knitting needles--

Talking about needles--I took photos of all the needles I use for different projects--
first for knitting--this is my favorite brand right now--
I have these in 2 sizes for the baby sweaters and smaller double points for the socks--I discovered this brand while in NY 3 years ago--I also have Chiaogoo needles and the complete sets of knitters pride needles-and some clover needles--so I have lots of knitting needles!!! ( oh as a side note--I just read on the package that the Chico needles are made in china and the knitters pride are made in India--now I know why I like knitters pride better!!!!)

These are the needles I use for my counted cross stitching--

and this is the ones I use for embroidery--

and this is my old stand by for applique and hand quilting needles--

I have tried other brands--but always seem to come back to these and I mostly use the '11 betweens' for my hand quilting--they are a shorter needle--

And for the sewing machine--

It kinda depends on what I have on hand!!!!!

And here is a peak at my latest hand applique project--
I am working on my 2nd set of 7 blocks with these and as I was waking up this morning--I believe I figured out how I want to finish these into a quilt top--actually 2 tops-one for me and one for a gift!!

And yes I did work on 3 other projects--the counted cross stitching, the embroidered truck and the crewel piece--but am sure you are bored seeing them each week--so you will have to wait for now!!!

Oh and here is a photo of the storm that blew in late yesterday afternoon--

notice the circular motion in those clouds--scary!!!  we only got a little bit of wind and a little bit of rain here--but some got lots of both of those--!!!


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