Sunday, November 20, 2022


 Can  parts of the Buffalo area in New York state have really gotten over 6 feet of snow in the last couple days--and it's still snowing!!! And it's not even Thanksgiving yet????  My lil brother and sil live in Attic, NY --talked to him last night and they got 2 ft of snow --and that is the most snow in one storm since they moved back up there 3 years ago from Tampa, FL--asked him if he was ready to move back to FL--course they always call me and ask me if I am ready to move back to NY every time there is a hurricane here in FL!!!

I did get some stitching done this week--but it seemed to be a busy week all week and somehow I did not get to the actual sewing machine--how can that happen--I am old and retired--so shouldn't there be lots of time for sewing on the sewing machine????

And you will never guess what--  Someone must have lost one of their squirrels--again--cause one showed up here and talked me into starting another Christmas project--

blocks with Christmas stockings appliqued on them and I used white flannel for the tops of the stockings--I got 4 out of 6, that I prepared appliqued--there will be something coming out the stocking at the top when that squirrel shows up to help me design the items!!!!

I did get all the Grandmother Hexie Flowers appliqued to back grounds-

So now I have to find time to start the next step on these????

And I got a new little counted cross stitching piece finished--

Think this will be a gift--have started anew cross stitch this morning--and that will be one for me to add to a collection I am working on!!

And  here is where I am on the hand quilting on the Christmas panel--

I just have these 2 lower flowers and leaves to finish--I am trying to decide how to detail the yellow centers on all the flowers?????

And Friday I got the new shower curtain laundered and the bathroom cleaned and hung the new curtain up--

My bathroom is so small that there is no way I can get back far enough to get a photo of the whole curtain--but at least you see some of the kitty's that are on the curtain--I also took some of the silk flowers off the shelf unit behind the toilet  and added  a big basket of trailing ivy!!

Oh and some 'neat' mail came yesterday in the post--

The layer cake was on a 40% off sale and also on sale was this 5pc  fat quarter set--will be making a baby quilt to donate with these cute animal prints--Yep this time that darn squirrel even pushed the order/pay button for me--guess I need to hide the peanuts and maybe he will go visit someone else!!!!




Julierose said...

How about french knots for the flower centers...a little dimension..;)))
hugs, julierose

Maria said...

Boy that's sure a lot of snow!
You still managed to work on many of your projects even though that squirrel visited.
Your shower curtain is perfect for you.
Some great fabrics in the mail.

Deb A said...

I can't imagine that much snow at once! I remember a 32 inch storm over Valentines day and there was no where to put the snow. Those squirrels sure do like your house! At least they drop some really cute ideas. Enjoy your week.

sunny said...

So sorry you missed all the snow! LOL! I love your little stockings. Everytime I read your blog, I think of another project I want to do. But there's not enough time to do it all!!!!


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day and are now ready to get into all the Christmas events--