Sunday, March 26, 2023


I received a text last Saturday to an event that was to take place on Thursday morning--and would I join them!!! 

Of course this kinda of interrupted my normal routine--and some extra shopping had to take place--first was deciding on a gift and then finding it online to order it--

a set of new silverware--with--yep--Flamingos on the handles!! ( I mean what else do you get folks that already have it all???)

Then shopping for new shoes and dresser purse--

O kay--I will be honest here--I really just needed the purse--but happened to walk past the shoe section and spotted these shoes and they went perfect with a light blue dress that I was wearing--they were comfortable all day too--though the soles where thin and I felt like I had slippers on instead of shoes!!! and I felt like I walked 'weird' with them on???

And I had one more thing I decided needed to be done--a cake--so got that ordered!!

And on Thursday morning -- this happened--

My Son got married--so now I have a new daughter--named Sarah--!!!!

another couple was with us--Nick and Koah--long time friends of my son's-( and yes-that is how you spell her name)

after wards we celebrated at a river front restaurant called Squid Lips--and had  a good time eating, talking, and laughing!!

 (they wanted to get married on one of these dates where the date is the same frontwards and backwards!!  the next one would be 04/24/24--but--that is also his sisters birthday--so it was this year--!!)

Now for photos of what this blogpost is really all about--stitching!!!  Not, alot got done this week, except hand sewing--

the Crabapple sampler got finished--

And I even remembered to sew on the 3 buttons--oh how funny--I see the little brass heart is not centered for the photo--there is a butterfly button in the top row and a pretty blue print button on the bottom row!!!

And '10' more tulip blocks got done--so far all the tulips--all 30--that I have appliqued so far all have different fabrics for the tulips--

And this Friday we got '2'  heart patterns--

I did a fancy embroidered flower on this one--

And here is where I am on the Counted cross stitching of the tea cups--I am on the last one--at the top and it has flowers and leaves on it--got the 2 flowers done--then there is a bird sitting on the rim, so still some stitching to do on this one--

This came as a kit--with the thread--the thread was one long strip--so here is what I did to make it easier for me--

I cut each section off and then taped it to a floss card--later I ended up drawing the symbol on each card too and I keep the needle on the card on each one too--works really well--
But--a word of warning--this package of floss cards were not--DMC ones--just an off brand --and the cards are cheap and will not hold up long--where as the DMC floss cards are much better quality!!!

So I wonder what 'adventure' I have this week????  And it's the last week of March--soooo????
I do hope Spring will completely arrive where you live this week!!
Hugs, di




We are getting warmer here on the East coast of Florida--but still a nice breeze each day!!!

Michele McLaughlin said...

Such wonderful projects! I love the "Time to Stitch" piece it's wonderful! The applique tulips are wonderful--so spring like and the heart patterns and cross stitch are fantastic! Have a wonderful day!

Kate said...

Congratulations to your son! Looks like a low key, but fun event. Your hearts are so pretty. Those tulip blocks are so sweet. You've got some really nice projects in the works. Hope you've gotten in lots of stitching time this week.