Sunday, September 17, 2023


 I finally got one of my small wall hangings basted for hand quilting yesterday--doing the hand basting has been on my "to list" for at least 3 weeks now--but--I still have '2' more ready for hand basting and nearly another one a bit larger, to do borders on and layer and baste!!!

And I got the Beach scene quilt all finished--

and as it is hard to see all the hand quilting I did on this one--here is photos of each area--

I think I got a bit carried away on this one with all the hand quilting I did on it--

And I got the Mr. Jack candy pumpkin finished-

there is even tiny tiny eye buttons on the gum drops!!!
And I got the set of blocks for the candy corn and big stars done last night while watching the Cup race for NASCAR--

Now all the blocks that they did for the actual quilt are done--but--

you know me--I have one more block I want to add to this one--so????????

And here is this week's heart block--

And this week's Country block-

I had found that middle orange pumpkin piece of fabric some where's, a couple months ago and decided a bit of it would be but on this pumpkin!!

And here is this month's embroidery block in the pinks/greens--from Melisa--

Plus here is this week's appliqued hearts--

I did not get as many done this week--as I ran out of the Kona charm squares for the backgrounds--I do have more on order--I like this one company--but it takes them 10-14 days to even process and ship my order and then I have to wait another 10-14 days for it to get to me---way toooo long!!!!  It has been shipped late last week--so now we wait!!

I went on an adventure on Friday for lunch with my friend from here, Cheryl--we drove about 10 miles or so south--to a restaurant called--The Shack--and it sits right on the river and we ate outside on a porch--even though it was a bit humid--but I loved it--got to see some dolphins swimming around the whole time we were there and alot of other wild life--great nature time--


And when I got back here--I discovered someone had planted some flowers in the base of some big pots we have along the drive though--

I saved their lives--cause who ever planted them--did not water them and a couple were curling up their leaves --I was able to get help for them and water!!!

Well--today is my son's birthday--he is 48 now--wow--how time fly's!!!!




Do you like apple cider??? Me--sometimes!!!!!

Kate said...

Your beach scene turned out beautifully. You made good progress on all your projects. Your pumpkin block looks a lot like the stained glass pumpkin I made last week. Happy stitching this week.

Maria said...

The beach scene quilt is lovely..
Lots of great Halleween blocks and cute hearts...

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

I’m amazed at how much you get done - or do you have more hours a day where you are? :))
The beach scene is lovely!
Packed my sewing machine for the big move so only knitting for now.
Like you - apple cider sometimes:)