Sunday, September 24, 2023


Officially now all you silly bloggers that didn't wait to decorate for Fall are now 'legal' to decorate!!!  Now me--well-- I have  bought some silk leaves and flowers and gotten my 2 tote bags out of storage that has Fall items in them--but--my Fall fairies are still on vacation!!!

I have been really busy with all my sewing projects though--

I started the week off with a trip to JoAnn Fabrics early Monday morning--and the following came home with me--

First some Christmas items--more fabric for fussy cutting Christmas hearts-

and they had the Christmas picks on sale already and somehow '2' jumped into my cart-

And then I did wander back to the button aisle as I knew I would be needing some more novelty buttons for another batch of baby sweaters--and I hit the jack-pot--

They were 'buy 3 get 3'-which is a fancy way of saying 50% off--so I picked up 6 packages-now-- these are now priced at $4.99 package--last time I bought some they were $2.99 package--so were they really on sale???

and I picked up 2 wood items thinking to use them for framing/finishing off some counted cross stitching projects--

these were really reasonable at $2.99 each--I then put my blinders on and headed for the check out--but --low and behold--when I sat things on the counter--look what I found in the cart--

How could I not get these for my friend Anne--there is a cat and a bird on them and she loves novelty socks--so they got posted in the mail the next day--and-- yes the postage on this little pair of socks came to more than I paid for the socks--but Anne is worth it!!!

This week's Country block was a heart one--

And this week's heart block is done--

And I got the extra block I designed for the Mr. Jack quilt finished--
I decided to decorate him with some candy--I had a cat once who loved to play with wrapped hard candy and he was all black!!!  All the blocks are done now--am looking a couple fabric to finish this one off--

And here is a couple Christmas hearts I got done yesterday--I had run out of the Kona charm squares and had to wait for the order to get here on Thursday--

Have a bunch of  Christmas hearts cut out for applique--

And I worked hard this week to get these 2 smaller quilts basted for hand quilting--

And here is '13' baby sweaters so far in this next shipment--I will probably wait until I have knitted a couple more though before doing the buttons on them and sending them out--
Oh and on Thursday in my email was a free shipping offer from Hobby Lobby--where I get the yarn for these sweaters and the yarn was on sale for 30% off at the same time--but that meant a bus ride to Publix to get a pre-paid Visa card (for some reason if I use my debit card for their online shopping I always get hacked--so I always get a pre-paid one!!!) and came home and went shopping--got 24 skeins of yarn coming in for $75--!!!  So it looks like I will be knitting for while yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!( I had planned to buy more yarn in October as I was using my last skein on the sweater I was working on--!!

And would you believe this 'Impatient plant' is still blooming away--inside--

I've never had an outdoor plant bloom so long inside--
and here is how the Thyme plant is doing--

I finally added a 'over see'er" to the pot to encourage it to grow--it's working!!!!!

And here is an 'eerie' photo for you--this is that apartment building my window faces--looks like some of the apartments are on fire--but actually it is a red sunset behind me reflecting off the windows!!

Well time to get back to stitching and soon the NASCAR race will be on--it's in Texas today and it is hot hot there--inside the cars it is 130 degrees--and they drive in that for 3-4 hours--oh my!!!!





Do you wear an apron when you cook or bake??

Deb A said...

My goodness you have been productive this week! That stack of yarn should tide you over for a little bit. Those sweaters are adorable.

Arish said...

Realmente has hecho unas compras magníficas y estoy asombrada por tu gran capacidad de trabajo.
Haces cosas hermosas. BESICOS.

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

I do love the blue hearts - and look at that stack of jumpers or cardies?) Just gorgeous.
I don’t wear an apron, but I do try to persuade my husband to wear one as he cooks a lot and always makes a mess!
Have a nice week.

Aaliyah said...
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Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Oh my the stack of baby sweaters are adorable! You have had a fabulous week and loved seeing your haul. I am looking forward to seeing what Christmas is available in our area. Enjoy your week.

Maria said...

As it’s Spring here I’m not doing any Fall decorations…
You picked up some nice things when out shopping.
Good stash of yarn 🧶
Love that adorable pile of cardigans/ jumpers.