Sunday, October 1, 2023


 and come back another day!!!  Do you remember singing this when you were younger???

I do--and we have had lots of rain this week--and today!!

Well--Blog friends--

It's that time of the year--when I can get my broom out and not worry that someone will know what I really am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But first we have to finish off the month of September--and what I did stitching wise--

First I got this week's Country block done--

An angel-- I needed to make sure she was alittle brighter cause the bright orange pumpkin goes with this block, I believe!!

And here is this weeks appliqued Christmas hearts--

I am getting down to the end of these!!!

And I got a counted cross stitch piece done--

this is one of Melisa's designs--I have done others of her canning jar series--and have some yet to do--but am working  on a small Halloween design right now--

And I got a small wall hanging all hand quilted and the binding on it this week--

I did the cross hatching on it--it was fun to do--and is probably only the second quilt I have done it on--can't remember which quilt I did it on before--
Am on to-- the bird wall hanging now to hand quilt--

And I got anew book in the mail, I ordered--

Very creative and very well done illustrations in this book--enjoyed it alot--now to use some of these stitches and ascents on some blocks--that are UFO"S!!
Now talking about UFO's--I spent one afternoon this week--making a list of mine--something one should never do---as I thought I was keeping up pretty good--wrong--I have a long list of sets of blocks and blocks in progress--like--well--you don't really want to know--do you???   I was really surprised--none of these are very old--maybe one or two before 2019-- most are from 2021 and now!! 
but I have one already moved along--

and it is no where perfect--but then you must know that this is the 3 or 4th time I had put these 12 neat counted cross stitch blocks together--once I did them as little pillows each and once I did them by trying to stitch them to a black wool background--so they have been unstitched a few times--which made them very hard to stitch together this time--but you do need to wait-- I have plans for the finishing on this one--someday!!!!

We have had a couple really pretty sunrises this week--this one I think was on Tuesday--

But later that day, my friend and I went up the road about 3 miles to a shopping plaza, to go to a bigger Dollar Tree and an Asian restaurant for lunch--and then the larger Publix grocery store for some shopping--as we were literally checking out--a big storm hit--lots of lightning and heavy downpours--and we did wait it out--at least for a while--but --we still got trenched getting to the car!!!!

And we have had lots of rainy weather since--so our grass is nice and bright green!!!!  and getting waterlogged--it is so dark today--it almost seems like night time--!!!!




Have you bought any pumpkins yet--or if spring in your part of the world--any plants for the garden????/

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Hi Di, no pumpkins although Halloweens is the theme in shops at the moment.
I really like the look of that embroidery book :)

ButterZ said...

Funny.. Blowfish. Oh where did they go

Maria said...

Your hand quilting is lovely.
You’ll have lots of fun with the embroidery book.