Sunday, November 19, 2023


 I would of liked it to 'rain' dollar bills or fabric--but instead we got lots and lots of good steady rain--it rained hard 2 days and off and on the day before those and a day or two afterwards--I believe we got 8-10 inches of rain, or more in total and we really really needed it--but it was hard for me to go so many days with out sunshine-nearly a whole week--today --we are back to full sun and blue skies--but a bit cool for us long-term southerns!!!!!! 

I did get some house work done--but mostly it was lots of hand stitching--

I got --

Novembers block done in the pink and greens I am doing these in--the pattern is from Melisa and we have just December's to do now--when she gives that us the first of the month--

And I got Block #2 and #3 in her newest Snowmen series all finshed--

block #2

block #3

And here is the first 3 blocks-- so far--
Remember I am doing these in '6' shades of blues--so will have '2' of each color in the quilt--
these are so fun to stitch!!!!

I got the 16th Sunbonnet Sue appliqued--

I am waiting on the new plaid fabric order for the next 4 Sues--hopefully it will be here tomorrow or Tuesday!!

And  here is this week's Heart block--

And --yes--I know mine is different--the 3 little hearts are suppose to be in row down the left side of the heart inside the heart--only--that flower in the upper left hand corner is soo pretty I just couldn't cover it up--so I put my '3' little hearts at the base of the big heart!!!!!

Here is the newest counted cross stitch I am working on--

Can you guess what I am stitching at the end of the word--Cookies?????

And I have spent some time this week hand quilting on the 'sisters' quilt--

I just have 3 1/2 sisters to do--and then all the sister blocks will be done-- But--look at all the blue space, all around the sister's--
What am I going to quilt in all that space??????

And I started a dish cloth last evening--

Yes--I still have a baby sweater in the works--I have a big stack of sweaters that now need buttons and to be shipped to World Vision--hopefully after pay day on the 1st!!!!

I mainly did just grocery shopping this week--did make it into a bigger Dollar Tree on Monday and did find some 'stuff'--mostly things I needed and some stocking stuffers!!!

CHANGES--life is always in motion and whether we want it to or not--things change--I did get my cell phone up and running and I really like it so far--lots of differences--but have alot to figure out yet--and my daughter and I were talking about all the computer changes and how now it takes us more steps to do what we used to do --we are not happy about this--but--we just have to adjust--
and there has been a change here--the Salvation Army for years has always bought us a Thanksgiving dinner --boxed up to our apartments on Thanksgiving day--this year--they are doing the dinner down in our dinning room--this afternoon--and you have to go and eat down there--not happy about this as---100 residents signed up to go down to our small dining room that probably only serves half of that many--I do not like crowds--so I will probably just stay home--now I will be going to my Son's on  Wednesday for turkey dinner--so I will be getting some fresh roasted turkey--and the trimmings--and some love and fellowship with him and my daughter in law--much better !!




Do you shop on Black Friday--in the stores or online????

Deb A said...

Never do black friday shopping - I dislike crowds. Friday is for putting the tree up and decorating!
Lots of great progress on all your projects. Enjoy turkey with your son!

Maria said...

Like Deb I’ve never done Black Friday shopping.
You’re working on sew many sweet blocks I can’t pick a favourite…
Great progress on your ladies with the hand quilting.

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

I love the snowmen :)

Kate said...

Your snowmen blocks are so cute! Love your heart block and the Sunbonnet Sue. You have some really fun projects in the works. Have a very happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the time with your family.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I am cooking a day early so that we can get out for a hike tomorrow. I hope your week is blessed. You sure are a good friend to me. I am thankful for you! Hugs, Diane