Sunday, November 26, 2023


 Whether we want it to be that time of the year or not--

It's time to think and plan and enjoy--Christmas--

Opps-- I just realized we have less that 30 days to do it all!!!!

So here is what I got off the assembly line this week--

First 2 more Sun Bonnet Sues--using the new plaids that came in--

and I got a counted cross stitch finished this morning-

pretty sure this will be a little pillow--there is a 2nd design on this card pattern--so am now going to do that one too!!

And remember last week when I showed you Snowman # 2--

Well--this week I discovered I hadn't really finished him--forgot some highlights--

forgot the little dashes around his jacket and the snowflakes--

And here is this week's snowman--#4--

sorry about the extra threads on it--sometimes I just don't notice them until I upload the photos--I am finding that more and more fabric is fraying alot on me--why???

And here is the birth of a new project--

Bet you can guess what these guys will be????

And I am doing some knitting --(besides the baby sweaters!!)

These will be Christmas presents--doing these at night when I am too tired to hand stitch!!

This afternoon I did '2' big projects--one was unboxing a new Christmas tree--a prelit pencil one--to be sure the lights worked--they do-- and I finally hung up the February embroidery stitch along wall hangings I have done over the last 5 years--
first one I hung in the bathroom--

this is over the towel bar and is the largest one I did so far--

the other 4 are over my desk--

3 are over the top of the desk and one is on the side wall next to these on that wall--

I waited a long time to hang these up--did not think --even with my stool that I would be tall enough to do it--it was a 'stretch' but I did it---

I made a list on Monday of some bigger jobs I needed to do this past week--and each day I have tried to do at least '2' of them--so the list is getting shorter--but not done yet!!!

I did something on Friday I have never done--well--maybe once before, years ago--maybe--and that is go shopping on Black Friday in an actual store--my friend Cheryl texted me she had to go to Walmart and did I want to ride along and as she is leaving to go down south for a whole month--I went with her--totally forgetting it was Black Friday--but I have to say--the one we were in was good--lots of shoppers--but all were polite and having a good time--even the sales clerks were in good moods--which is not the case in this store--plus this store was well stocked--again not the usual case--we didn't stay long--then we went to a I Hop next door--I have never been in a I Hop before--had a good breakfast meal!!

My son and dil had our thanksgiving dinner  on a Wednesday night--and it was a lovely-- filling-- good food and nice family fun--we played Rack-O afterwards--I think I won!!



Kate said...

You've made really good progress on your WIPs. Love thos snowmen, they are so cute. Looking forward to seeing your new project come together. Enjoy the holiday season.

Raewyn said...

It's nice to have a catch up read of what you've been u to, Di. So pleased to hear you had a lovely Thanksgiving, and survived a Black Friday outing!! And it sounds like you are gearing up for Christmas - whew, it's approaching fast! I love your snowmen and the wee gingerbread men! And the funny of course!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You make so many pretty things for the holidays! I wish I was as talented as you are! Enjoy your weekend...Happy December!