Friday, November 16, 2018


It was very 'white' outside this morning when I got up--
Like I said--white--
oh and cold--only 27 degrees--

But Mr. N was still busy finding 'bugs' in the tree--
and I got to photograph a new bird--
a Dark eye Junco--I believe-
actually there was 3 of them about the ground looking for seeds
that are in a bird feeder out the Community room window--
and these trees were so pretty in the side yard--
those red red berries so pretty with all the snow on them--
I have never seen so berries on these trees before--huge crop this year--
very early yet for a snow storm with 14 inches of snow--ouch!!

Enjoy, di


  1. OOhhh C H i L L y... but beautiful.
    Stay warm... xox

  2. Beautiful snow! And those trees, would love to know what they are with all those berries?

  3. Oh my! Those trees are so pretty! And the little bird so cute. Stay warm and toasty while you look at those beautiful views.

  4. WOW! That is sooo gorgeous! All of the pictures are really pretty. All we have is rain and cold and more rain. Trade with you! Have a great weekend.

  5. Oh wow, 14 inches? We got about 3" last Monday and that is really rare for us. I'm not ready for full fledged winter yet.

  6. I hate Florida summers . . . but I am living big today, with weather in the sixties. Ahhhhh

  7. I am jealous!! We just have lots of rain. It was 34 when I woke up, but no snow. Boo!!!

  8. Nice pictures! The Juncos showed up at our house the day before the snow. A true sign of the season.

  9. So beautiful! The first big snow always looks so pretty to me but I don't have to shovel it. I like the tree with the berries and snow.


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