Wednesday, March 20, 2019



And I am so excited---
so bring it on --!!!!!

Now for some Inchy updates--

I decided that Friday needed a Happy Face-
after having a 'sad' face-- one day this past week--
Happy for--
--Max(Anne's cat-- being found and is how home safe and warm again!!
--I had actually attended a knitting class on Wed-walking to the shop
--On Thursday I walked even further to the Post office and mailed out 5 packages!!
--and I had gotten a couple real bargains at Walmart of things I needed--

And here is all last week's stitched to the body--

Saturdays Inchy--
Yep back to cold day and really hard winds again--boooo!!!!

St Patricks day--
I was given  a  pretty set of beads to wear--
and I got one cute card in the mail from the 'other' Diane in Fl--
and got a cute ecard from a blog reader--

I also got another 'Grace' embroidery finished while watching the Nascar race--

I have 2 blocks stitched now--
and I did start on the 3rd one on Sunday--

I also took some time to sew buttons on some baby sweaters--
I have 9 sweaters and 2 hats ready to mail for a donation--
( 3 sweaters I did in patchwork to use odd amounts of balls of yarn--
that was fun to do!!!)

While I was waiting for the bus--
in the community room and watching out the window--
I had fun watching the these guys--
Chipmunks--(so this means that spring really is almost here!!)
Do you realize how cute these guys are--
they weigh between 0.18 - 0.22 lbs--what--that is not alot!!
and a lifespan for ours are only about 3 years--thought they lived longer
than that--poor cute critters--their markings are really neat!!!
and here is my first attempt--at stitching one--
Kinda funny looking thing--!!!!!!

Anne and I went to Elimra--
and on the way--I seen my first--
of the season--and she was a big fat one--
(no I did not take this photo--the robin was on the side of the road though!!)

as I had a Dermatologist appt--
all is ok--it is just really try skin problem
had a really nice Dr though--

then we went to a Dollar store--
where--I spent some Dollars--but only 10 of them!!!

and then on to Cracker Barrel for our lunch--
so we had a nice outing !!!

And of course--
like I said today is--the best day--cause--



Quilter Kathy said...

SO fun to catch up with your inchies... I love your tiny designs!

Carol said...

Di, you always make me smile. :-) You find such neat things to comment on. Keep it up! YAY on your first robin!

Alice said...

You have been a busy girl with all of your stitching and errands. I love your 2nd block. Your chipmunk turned out cute. I am pretty sure mine would look super silly, especially trying to draw it tiny.
Keep smiling!

Cheryll said...

Spring has sprung...& will only get better. EnJoY xox

sunny said...

You are doing such a great job with your inchies!! I'm glad it's Spring, because it's been raining hard all day. I hate to think how much snow could have piled up if it was colder out. The calendar may say Spring, but I'm still waiting and watching for it outside my door.

Maria said...

You always make such interesting inches Di...
Such a great pile of cardi and hats....
Nice stitchery block too...
Do hope Spring comes soon for you.....

Lee Prairie Designs said...

It looks bright with "Spring" popping up!! You have been busy with all you fun projects!!!

Carolyn 😊

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Happy Spring! Oooh, you went to cracker barrel! I loved it when Alice took us there! I love all your stitching, you are doing so well with the inchies! xx

Kate said...

Sounds like you had a very busy week. Love your hexie project. It's starting to get pretty big. Are you going to just add to this one or start another section at some point?