Friday, March 15, 2019


teasing us here in NY --
it got to 67 degrees the last two days --
and really nice outside--
temps will drop later tonight to 40 or below--
but the Chipmunk's must think winter is over--
cause they are out and about!!!

So where did we leave off in my week of Inchy's???

Oh my goodness, Di what in heavens name it this one about???
On Wednesday I went up to the yarn shop to take a class--
it was learning to knit 2 socks at once with the Magic Loop!!!!
Well---I had one big mess of twisted knots by the time I got home--
so I got out some heavier yarn and played with that--
and was surprised that I could actually do it--
Yesterday on my way home from walking up to the post office to finally mail the
winning gifts and a couple birthday gifts (of which--my goodness has the post office package
mailing rates increased--like it is 'double' what I used to pay for those envelopes--ouch!!)
I stopped back by the Yarn shop-- and
bought myself a different brand of 40" cable needles to make the socks on
(the one I had, I could not seem to get the cable to keep from springing into a loop--
even with heating it--soo)
and got me a pretty color of yarn for the socks--
I got them cast on last night--
and this afternoon I was able to get 3 rows of stitching on each sock--
so I am on my way!!!

And yesterday would of been--
my Dad's birthday--
here is a photo of my parents that I carry in my wallet--
And yes--those are Palm trees in the background--
they wintered  in Zepherhills FL--for 16 years--
my Dad loved Fl my mother hated it!!!
So for 6 months a year he was happy--
and for 6 months of the year when they were in NY my mom was happy!!!
This is one of the best photos I have of the two of them where-- they both look happy!

Let's talk "Fashion" for a minute!!!
I am looking for some nice capris for this summer--
and don't really want denim--want them a bit lighter fabric--

and am 'shocked' to see that we have 2 choices for the most part--
first all the waist bands are now--
3" or better wide--
us short people can't wear those--we don't have that much 'space' at our
waist for that wide of band!!!!

Or we can get the new 'leggings'--
sorry--I may sound like my mother here--
but I really don't see me at my age--( or any age--)wearing them!!!

And what about fabric contents--
who idea was it to bring Polyester back full speed ahead--
it is in everything now  in the clothing line!!!!
I do not do Polyester--!!!!!
So-- you do know what polyester is made from--right???
and you want to wear that on your body???
not this girl--thank you!!!

so this is my clothing 'rant' for this line of spring clothes!!!



  1. These inchies are so cute—a neat way to journal (and remember times with your family). I hadn’t heard of them before. You’ve just reminded me that I may need to look for warm weather clothing soon. Yuck! I’m much more comfortable with winter clothing.

  2. I haven’t tried magic loop - I just can’t see how to avoid tagling and knots :) The yarn is pretty!

  3. very clever Di to be able to use the magic loop.

  4. Di, I'm with you...I hate hot! Not fond of the wider waistband either. They say it keeps it from rolling, but I'm not going to try it.

    Now why would you want to knit two socks at the same time? (can you tell I'm not a knitter?!)

    Glad you figured it out anyway.

  5. OK, those needles look like they would make my brain explode. I think I would have a hard enough time trying to make one sock with regular needles. I don't like polyester or 3" waist bands, although I live in leggings in the house when it is chilly. They are cozy and easy to crawl around in doing housework. My rear is always covered. That is a sweet pick of your parents.

  6. It's always fun to see what's on this week's hexies. Don't get me started on the latest fashions. It's silly how hard it is to find age appropriate attire any more if you qre not 18.

  7. You are just amazing Di! I can't even manage one sock at a time.... I am with Alice, my brain would explode ;) xx

  8. Sweet picture of your parents and I am with you on the polyester. In fact, I am just having trouble with all the style as of late. It is hard to buy clothes any more.


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