Sunday, January 5, 2020


so far for 2020--and we still have a few hours to fill up the 5th day--

Does everyone have Christmas all packed up and put away --
I just finished mine up this morning and got it all down to the
storage room in my locker area--of course --everything in that locker
and I mean everything--had to be lifted out if--
and some of it was very heavy--
but the big blue Christmas suitcase had to go in the back of it --first--
it's done and everything is nicely back in the locker-
and the empty boxes are taken down for recycle--
big job done---
and now I know why that we only have Christmas once a year--
cause it takes us a good 10 months to forget all the hard work
and sore muscles of putting it all away!!!!!!!

This is what I did yesterday afternoon--
I had gotten all my buttons into 3 containers for shipping down here--
and they were packed full and mixed up--I found a 4th container the other day
at the thrift store--
so I worked for over 2 hours yesterday--taking every single button out of each section
and sorting them to make 4 containers--
The cloudy looking box has regular sewing buttons in it now--
the other larger box has Christmas, Fall buttons, in it with jingle bells,
stars, hearts, eyes --
one smaller box has my buttons for baby sweaters and the other one has
novelty buttons in it--Now maybe I can actually find a button when I need one!!!!

This after noon I am joining this
I am going to keep my rocking chair company-
 and pick this project up--
and try to finish the butterfly--

and for this challenge--
It will be a 'tougher' year for doing 15 minutes a day--
with out doing the daily 'Inchy'--
but so far this year--

I have stitched--5 out of 5 days--
so I have done 100% average so far!!!!!!!
I am working on this counted cross stitch for a bit each morning right now--
and have gotten more done it--but no photo--opps!!!

Ok--that rocking chair and a good movie and my needle is calling my name--
and maybe a piece of chocolate, too--but don't tell anyone!!!

It is sunny here today--but quite chilly--so have the heat on--
luv, di


Kim said...

All my Christmas pretties have been put away for another year. I know I might get in trouble here, but it was all done in an hour or two....sorry. =) I love the sound of a little Sunday hand stitching whilst rocking in a chair, watching a movie and indulging in a chocolate or two. It sounds like a most excellent idea!

Carol said...

Christmas hasn't found the door yet...all my pretty decos are still up as well as the decorated tree. Hope to get to put stuff away this week. Other jobs have called my name, such as "nurse" to my hubby who contracted some nasty bug and is coughing a lot.

Congrats on your progress! And have fun with all your projects. Awesome!


Cheryll said...

Yes Christmas is all packed away here too...
Good luck with your groups in 2020... xox

Deb A said...

Aidan turned on our heat this morning... seems it was in the 40's out! You have done great sewing every day. Me not so much but.... the 2+ hours hand quilting today should make up for a few missed days.

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Christmas still around here :) I love the lights and decorations and always hate taking them down.
The cross stitch pattern looks so pretty! Haven’t seen one like that before. Keep up the good work.

Kate said...

My tree's still up, but it usually stays up till the SITs birthday, then we take it down. You've used your first week of the year wisely, organizing and stitching. Thanks for linking up with 15 minutes to stitch this week.

Quilter Kathy said...

What a fun cross stitch you are working on!
Still haven't put away my tree yet....

Linda in Calif. said...

What? I never thought to organize my buttons! What a great concept, instead of just rolling the tin around & around looking and looking. OH I wish I had thought of this. Di the butterfly is so pretty - as is the new cross stitch. So are you doing the Color Scrap thing again this year?

sunny said...

Nice button collection! Mine are all mixed together in a big jar. I love looking through them for just the right button.