Wednesday, May 12, 2021


 GONNA--rain today--it keeps looking like it will--then the sun comes out and it is bright and sunny --then there comes those clouds just flyin in that look like they are ready to dump some rain on us????

Well--it's mid week already--and I am happy to say I have been busy--

I did get all '3' red angels done--

And I got another Dresden plate circle finished--
think this makes '4' of them done to this point--

and I spent part of yesterday and this morning--after I got back from my walk--
finishing cutting the parts to the next '2' pin cushions-
and these are kitted up for me work on--
and remember those tiny scissors--

well--they are the 'bees knees'--they work great on these little pieces of wool in cutting them out--
I did have my 'doubts' when they came in and I seen just how small they were--but they are worth their weight in 'gold'!!!!

On the knitting front--
I finished another pair of socks--
and these are going to be a birthday gift--
and when getting out the next ball of sock yarn-I also decided it was time to knit something else besides socks and baby sweaters and found a nice large ball of wool and silk and a simple shawl pattern--
and --yes--it really doesn't look like much all 'balled' up on the needles--but I am hoping it will be a nice shawl for me this winter--if I can stick some knitting time into my schedule!!!!

And of course I am working on doing the 'tacking' on --of the linens and lace strips on the Hexagons--got 3 done the other afternoon--and working on hand quilting on the wool quilt--so there is NO time to get into trouble these days!!!!!!!!

And I got up early this morning (an hour earlier than I normally do) so I could get a walk in --before it got too humid here --as we are headed into that 'season' here in Florida--and I did make it out the door and did walk for 20 minutes--now the BIG question is--will I do it again on Friday??????

Ok--I can hear some 'projects' yellin at me that they want me to work on them this afternoon--
now to decide which one to 'shut' up first!!!!!!



  1. Wow, Di, you are sooo organized! Good for you! LOL at that last joke. Enjoy your nature walks. I'm glad you're forcing yourself to get out and enjoy it. HUGS!

  2. Cute red Angels and you’re very organised with all your other projects...
    Great to be get out and about for your walks...

  3. I need to get up and out for walks in the morning. I'm enjoying the cloudy cool weather today though. Time to pop in the ear buds, turn on the audio book and head out for a walk. Thanks for the reminder.


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