Sunday, June 13, 2021


 It is one of those days--where you wonder if this dark bank of clouds is bringing rain, wind, and whatever--or will it be the next batch--so far it has been ok here--but north of us got some really bad weather!!

So what has everyone been up to this past week??

Me--All I know is --I was busy every day--yet not sure just what all I did get done???

I did get my '3' purple angels stitched up--

And I got another Dresden plate finished--

And last Sunday evening while watching the Nascar race--
I got an embroidery piece finished--

this pattern is a Crabapple Hill pattern--(I did change the color of the truck--Meg did her's in yellow on the pattern)
I did order 2 more in this series and yesterday I got them traced out and today--
 I got one of them colored in--ready to start the stitching on it--
and yes--I did change the color of the truck--again!!!!

And I did something that I don't ever do--
I ordered a kit--

I just couldn't help myself--you all know how I love birds--and this kit has everything in it--
even threads, batting, backing, everything for only about $25--
Now don't ask me when--WHEN-- I am going to make it up--cause??????

A couple days was still spent on cleaning and such--and on Thursday, Shauna came to help me for a couple hours with putting up curtain rods to hold my quilts (instead of push pins)

We still have more work to do--but it won't be this next week--I have to wait for another shelf unit to arrive first and that delivery date is June 21st so it will be after that sometime --(that will need to be put together too)!

I have made progress on the Flamingo counted cross stitching piece--and on all three of my knitting projects--the Shawl, socks and baby sweater--
Oh and I just remembered what I did all of Tuesday afternoon--my seed bead order came in--so I spent the afternoon opening small bags of beads and putting them into small round containers--oh what fun I had!!!!! Remember these beads are for the Hexagons in old linens I am doing!



  1. Sweet purple Angels 👼…..
    lovely other projects and your quilts look great hanging on the wall.
    Enjoy making your cute birdie kit..
    No new projects here ….

  2. Pretty angels in purple. Lots of progress going on at your house. We got a little rain but not much on a very overcast day. I got the grad quilt quilted and ready for hand stitching the binding. Prepped the last units for Harmony as well. Nothing new...until these 2 are finished.

  3. Sweet angels … I like the quilt hangings. Save a place for the bird quilt - another pretty one. Nothing much going on here at the moment, sorting yarn and fabric to take with me to our summer house. Always have too much, but you never know :)

  4. The angels are so cute, and I love the truck block! Alice and I have been starting new things.. and have a long list of more we want to start... lol! xx

  5. I've wasted my time cleaning my house! hahaha! But I've read some too, no new projects though. I love the rods for hanging your quilts. That looks really nice! And those purple angels...oh my! They are cute!

  6. Your hanging quilts look so nice! I'm thinking about doing a curtain rod in my living room, too. That way I can change out to seasonal quilts with ease. My living room is a work in progress. Maybe some day I'll decide what to do with it. Your angel quilt is going to be so adorable!


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