Sunday, June 6, 2021


 It was "kinda" funny this morning--I got up to blue skies and sunshine out my window--and I was in the bathroom at the sink brushing my, and I can see a small area of the window though the mirror and there is water running down the window--yep--it was raining--and the rain cloud must of been right over the building--cause the sun was still shinning out my window--!!!

I made even more progress on some projects this past week--

I got this small applique finished--

This is one of May's blocks from 'my book'--I am still behind on these--opps!!!

And -- the blue heart quilt did talk to me about borders--so I dug out my new collection of blue prints and found two that would work--

the bird strip only went up and down--so had to use just the flower print on the top and bottom--

and this will be the binding--it's all ready--
and even though I tried to keep this quilt less than 40" wide so I could get it basted for hand quilting--well--that didn't happen so it is in the pile for when I get the new folding table cleaned and set up--which might be this next week--we will see!!!??

And here is Step 1 of finishing these blocks--

lots of unstitching was done--and I did find that the lint roller did a great job in picking off all those little threads--

Step 2--

Notice the new piece--appliqued at the top of the block--it now looks more like a curtain--
than before--

I will not be working on this project nor much of any sewing--other than hand work until maybe Thursday--
Monday and Tuesday I am planning to finish the spring cleaning and redecorating--and Shauna will be back Tuesday afternoon to help put up the curtain rods for hanging my quilts and some of the heavier cleaning--and I think I have a play date with Carolyn on Wednesday--!!!!

And here is my newest counted cross stitching project--

Flamingo's anyone--????  there is '11' of them in this row --I have one more all stitched in and start of another one since I did the photo--they made it into a pincushion--I haven't decided yet????

And I decided it was time to hang out the Summer ABC strip --



  1. So many lovely stitching projects... I especially like the first one on the post! Enjoy your stitching!

  2. Beautiful stitching projects, and great quilts!

  3. As usual, lovely projects. The flamingoes are cute. :)

  4. You pick such lovely projects to work on, Di! And your fabric choices for binding are great!!! HUGS!

  5. Busy, busy! Don't you love how it can be raining in one spot and sunny right next to it? Lots of progress on your projects - I should probably pull out my purple hearts and stitch them together this month.


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