Tuesday, June 15, 2021


 I feel like I have been wrestling with big bears for the last couple of days!!!

Remember we set up the larger folding table last week--so this week I am working at taming the larger quilt pile and getting them set up with backing, batting, and the basting them--and they are a bit heavy and hard to work with--

But I got one all done--

Do you remember this one???

These blocks are colored with--pencils and I started this one in June of 2016--and pretty much kept at--

  and I see that I did put the blocks together the first time in Aug of 2017--but did not like what I did --so redid the whole top in April 2018--and now finally it is--

now a quilt--in waiting --for me to hand quilt it--it is all basted--

Now the only problem here is--when that will happen--

as I have 5 more large quilts to layer and baste --

and so this afternoon --I  "wrestled another" quilt and got the backing made,

then the batting cut and layered all 3 parts and pressed them together--

all ready for basting--

Yep--I hear Christmas bells a ringin!!!!!

I also realized that I did not have enough batting to do all the rest--4 more--I was 2 pkg short--

I really like to use Dreamers Cotton batting, white in the 'request' thickness--the local quilt shop was  out--and no way to get there anyways--so in trying to think about where I used to order it online--I decided to check on Amazon as I need it quickly too--found they had 3 pkgs in the right size left--so ordered them--and here is the crazy part--Amazon's price was $12.95 each--the quilt shop's price is $21.50--that was $8.55 more for each one--so even though I would of loved to support my local shop--I had to go with Amazon!!




  1. Great job on getting all those quilts prepped and ready to go. May I ask how you baste them? Thread, how close, etc?

  2. How great you are making such progress! Keep it up! Wonderful you found the right stuff on Amazon and cheaper!

  3. Great job getting the big quilts organised to quilt….
    Sometimes you have to go with the cheaper one that is also available….

  4. Your wrestling was well worth it! Love the quilt from 2016 xx


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