Wednesday, June 23, 2021


 Well--it has been a busy 8 days--

First up I got my Harmony quilt completely finished--(hand pieced quilt top)

and I even took it outside for some photos--

and this is the backing--

Everything was hand pieced or hand quilted on this--!

And we all remember I have been wrestling with quilt tops, batting, and backings-(I am short-so this is a hard job for me--really!)
and I am really happy dancing cause by 2:00pm yesterday I finished the 6th one!!!
Here is 4 of them--
bottom one is the Orchid quilt-
Next one is the Bee one
then the Christmas one
and then the blue heart one--
and here is the backing for the blue heart one--

and this is the backing for the Orchid one and the Antique linen one--

This is a really pretty print--

the Antique linen one is hung on the wall-

in  the living room area--

and the Basket quilt is hung on the wall in the office area-

I figured that was better than getting big folds on them and having to press them again before I could quilt them---

Talking about ironing--

I just love love love this cordless iron--it got a good work out and did a beautiful job on the quilts--so tell your family you want one for Christmas--unless you already have one!!!

Okkkk---I know you are all excited and waiting on the edge of your seats to know which quilt I will start hand quilting first?????

I believe it will be the Christmas one--cause July is "Christmas in July" so I might as well hand quilt a Christmas quilt during July--Right???

Today I have been able to fold up that larger table and put it away--and move the table and chairs back in front of the folding screen--then I am putting the small black table back up for my cutting table and such- 

And hopefully I will be finishing the spring cleaning tomorrow and then on Friday I can get back to sewing--after all I still have these blocks to make into a top by the 30th--next Wednesday--

Darn that doesn't leave me any time to get into 'trouble' maybe for the rest of the month?????



  1. Yea! I LOVE your Harmony quilt. It came out beautifully. I'll bet it feels wonderful to have all those basted and ready to go when you are in the mood to work on them. I admit.... being fully vaccinated, I wear a mask about 50% of the time going out....but I don't go out much.

  2. Wow, they are all such beautiful quilts!!! Your apartment must be so cozy with all that quilty goodness! xx

  3. Congratulations on a gorgeous Harmony finish! I love your hand pieced and hand quilted version!
    You are making great progress with being organized too!

  4. Congrats on all your hard work! My January vintage quilt is still waiting to be quilted. I was thinking of paying someone to do it, but I supposed I'll just take it down one day and do it myself. All my other quilting is caught up! I have a friend here who does all hand piecing. I admire anyone with the patience and skill for that!!!!!

  5. You've been really busy! You've got some gorgeous quilts to finish up and picked some gorgeous backings for all of them. Happy stitching on your Christmas in July project. (How did it get to be almost July already?!)

  6. Beautiful Harmony Quilt…and you have a lovely pile of quilts to work on.
    Look forward to seeing the Christmas quilt done….
    Lots of gorgeous work hanging on the walls…

  7. Beautiful finish! Thanks so much for sewing along with us and good luck in the grand prize link-up!

  8. lots of work to get thrun there and you have lots of quilting.......Harmony looks great also........


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