Tuesday, January 25, 2022


 Weather wise--it's been very chilly here on the east coast of Florida--So guess you could say--that even Florida has a winter--!!!!

But I also have been having alot of fun with McChilly--the 12 snowmen blocks--

here is #12 in all his glory--

Now if he was just waving winter good-bye--I would really really 'love' him!!!!( can you tell --I don't like being cold??)

And here he is in all his winter fun times--

Here is all 12 of them--I am glad  I laid them all out for  a photo--cause I noticed that somehow one was smaller than the rest--the one on the bottom row, second one in on the left--so I was able to square that one up first and used that size to resizing all the others --this afternoon--

They are all ready to be put into a quilt?????

I have also been busy working on getting this year's Crabapple Hill embroidery all set up to start on February first--She is doing her's into single pieces again this year--and again this year --I have chosen to put all of them onto one piece of cloth--
Here is my paper model--

and then I trace them off this piece unto cloth--I have used the same grunge fabric as I did last year!

I left '3' empty spaces for me to add whatever to that area to break up so many birdhouses--
and we have the 2 saying to add this year and I added my top piece as embroidery too--so I have lots of stitching to do here--and I added a few more birds on mine!!   Last year I did draw the 'frames' around each square--but so far this year I am thinking I won't do that--with the hopes this way it looks like a nice big open field with lots of neat birdhouses in it??????

And I have done some cooking this week--On Sunday I made a big pan of Mac n Cheese from scratch and now have extra in the freezer and yesterday I baked these--
Homemade Blueberry muffins--using an old recipe of my Mom's!!  Most of these are in the freezer too!!

And an order from Fat Quarter shop came in today--

Some of the new chicken line --"Home to Roost" by Susan Winget!!  At Christmas time I moved my patio table to the kitchen--never dreaming it would fit there and work out in there as it is a small space--but it has and I like having it there--but I need a nice quilt--table cover--so that is what some of these fabrics are for--and I need some new pot holders!!  Somehow it just doesn't seem I can get away from having 'chickens' in my kitchen!!!  Oh the pretty blue flowered one is part of the collection--but I got a half yard of it for my 'blue' collection!!!!


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