Sunday, July 3, 2022


 Hey-- were is everyone with their Christmas in July projects--

Wake-up--it is July already--yep--6 months are gone of 2022 already!!!!!

For some reason I have decided to 'play' big for Christmas in July--

So here is some of the projects I plan to work on this month--

I still have alot of coloring to do--before I can start the embroidery--and I have decided--
it will probably take me till Christmas to get this one all embroidered!!!!! opps!!!

Have some smaller Christmas cross stitching pieces planned--

Oh my-- wonder what word I will be stitching that starts with the letter "B"???

and here is where I am on the other Cross stitching project--

the second row is all done and nearly half of the third row now--just need to finish building my little blue house at the beginning of that row!

And here is my applique project for  Christmas stitching--

And yes-- you have seen me do this one--long time ago--and somewhere in all my moves--it seemed to move on to a new home--so will do another one --as it seems I have alot of trucks at Christmas time to keep it company!!!

and talking about trucks--here is where I am on the embroideried truck I work on while watching NASCAR racing on Sundays-

Mostly just leaves and stems and grass to finish up--maybe today it will get finished!!

And I have a quilt project all planned and the fabrics for it did come in today--but--I am going to make you wait to see it--!!!!!

I do have a finish to show you--

The February birdhouse embroidery stitch along-finally got the binding sewn on it--still am not sure though if I am totally done with this piece--but for now I can enjoy it hanging on my office wall--under the bird valance!! (this piece looks so 'puffy'in the photo, but it really isn't)

on the knitting front--
at least one more baby sweater is finished--

this trim is more yellow, and not so orange looking in real life!!!

and here is where I am on the latest pair of socks--

and I am almost finished with this Crewel embroidery kit--

And yes I do things other than have some kind of needle in my hands every minute--like this week I went to get my hair trimmed--only we decided to cut it --instead--much cooler for the summer--and I  still have my 'curls' on the top of my head (need those to hold my brain in my head--lol)

So who is joining me for Christmas in July and what are you making?????????
hugs and blessings, di



Hello and thanks for reading my blog post and leaving a comment--my you have a great stitchy week--hugs, di

CathieJ said...

I thought that I had a whole lot of projects going on at once. Wow. I want to start another Christmas stocking, but I have decided to try to finish at least one other cross-stitch project first. It is the first time in a long while that I haven't had a Christmans project in the works. I love the embroidered/colored projects. I haven't tried that yet. The baby sweater is very pretty. I love the sock yarn also.