Sunday, February 5, 2023


 I do believe I am posting nearly on time this week--I do think of posting during the week--but????

Had a busy week--and yes, thanks for asking, I am better and back to a more routine daily life!!  In fact  I just got 5 of my plants repotted--that's a dirty job--but someone has to do it--so it's me--my friend, Cheryl got 3 small plants in the mail last week or so and she did not want them and gave them to me--and they are growing like weeds--so needed to get them out of their tiny pots and into larger ones and 2 of my older plants I repotted into bigger pots as they were getting root bound--so I think I have some 'happy plants' right now!!!

On to sewing news--

I did get my Valentine wall hanging all hand quilted and the binding on it and it is now hung on the wall--love the colors and designs in this one!!!!

Here is my blue heart block for 2023 --all finished--

I do like the size heart better and the size of the block much better--I went from a 12" square one to a 9" square block--now to do this months pink one--but it will be a week or two, probably as I have a couple new pink fabrics coming in on an order!!!

And here is how I colored my Crabapple embroidery piece for Feb--

And here is what we have stitched so far on it--

One more square has been done and I just the directions for todays 'square'!

And I have kept up with Joy's winter stitchery--I am using Wildflower threads to stitch this one--anyone want a cup of hot cocoa????

And here is some Snowpeople that Melissa gave us this year to do--there was more--but these 2 captured my heart and the one in the middle so stitched them up and am doing a table runner with them--they are all pressed and laid out for hand basting-- for hand quilting--

And here is a challenge counted cross stitching piece for me-- that I have started!!

I may not still be sane--or as sane-- as I am today--by the time I finish this piece!!??????

And I am doing a leader/ender project--

remember me winning the suitcase of quilting stuff and this tin in it--

This are 2" squares and there is lots and lots and lots of them in this tin--

It is fun to see which fabrics pop-up as I stitch 2 of them together--

And look closer to this one--

Red hat block--remember my days as a Red Hat Queen--( and please forgive the fairy that forgot to clean the lint off this square--she must of been in a hurry and did not see it till publishing time-shame on her!!!!

I truly don't know where the days go--I keep busy all day--yet I don't seem to get alot done--my "to-list" seems to grow and grow!!!

What about you--Do you have a 'to-do' list--is it ever empty--or even short?????

Hugs, di

Oh and I am so excited today--Nascar is on this evening for the first race of 2023!!

And I seem to be no longer able to get your comments to come in my email--but I love each and every one of them --so please keep sending them to me!!!


Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Sew much cuteness!!! I love your Valentine wall hanging;the colors just speak to me and it has such a vintage look.Gorgeous blue hearts as well. Your Snowman blocks are as adorable as can be. I am so excited to see them. Thank you so much for stitching them. You brightened my day. :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the Valentine wall is gorgeous! I started working on a little Valentine junk journal today but didn't get far! lol Hugs!

CathieJ said...

My to-do list is never ending and I have just about as many crafting projects in the works as you do. I love your Valentine's quilt. The fabrics are great! I also adore your cross-stitch project. Just my cup of tea! LOL

Maria said...

Lovely Valentine wall hanging .
Great Blue RSC block.
Lots a nice projects you are working on.
No don't have a to do list as I'd never keep up..

Kate said...

NASCAR already? Hope it was a good race. I'm just not as into it these days. You have some fun projects in the works. Happy stitching this week.

Deb A said...

Looks like you are getting a lot done during the week to me! I have lots of lists.... occasionally I get to cross something off! Have a good weekend.