Sunday, February 18, 2024


 We did have a few days of sunshine and a bit warmer temps here in mid Florida on the east coast--but we are now back to chillier temps and rain--so no racing today, as it is in Daytona race track!!!!

It does seem though that I did get some projects worked on and finished this past week--

I did get to JoAnn's on Monday-- and--that lead to a change in one project--well--actually two projects--

First up-- I changed the borders on a quilt--this is the new border--

(by the way--for some reason these 2 pinks around the block in photos looks wrong--the one looks too peachy--they really do look better in person!!!)
I found this new border at Joann's'--and here is the before photo--

These blocks are small and I decided this borderwith the flowers were too big and over powered the blocks--I am still going to use this print for the backing--now to press and baste it for hand quilting!!

And here is a project I worked on for 3-4 days--
a new tote bag--it is wider on the bottom to fit my covered food dish and it has a pocket on the outside and the inside--
Once I got the tote done and stitching on it to hold the batting and the outside piece together --I had an 'eye sore' as I used white thread--so the white thread really stood out on the bottom part of the dark purple--

I happened to have a purple pen and it colored it in good--it won't wash out--!!!

This months Chookshed challenge it #2  and that is my library book one--
it looked like this at the first of the month--

And this week after working on them I have 4 rows--

This project is far from being finished--but does look much better---

And yesterday I got this kids quilt top to this point--
I still need a small outside border and then to layer it--
this one started by this piece--from JoAnn's--

The bright dogs--I got a quarter yard of this thinking it might make a cute quilt--when I got home I discovered it went perfect with the other prints in this quilt that I though I was putting into a different quilt--surprise!!!

And here is where we are on the Crabapple embroidery hearts piece--

I still need to do todays heart!! and yes--I know you are asking-I did change a couple--you know me!!!

And I got a Valentine Counted Cross stitching piece finished--
My newest Cross stitch is a rabbit I am working on for Spring/Easter!!

And in the Wools--
 Two cute mittens--

And a baby sweater is finished in the knitting front---
And another one in this Hobbii yarn has been started--
I also finished a second baby sweater last night in my Hobby Lobby yarns and started another one!!
So I am still in the 'baby business"!!!!

And all the hand quilting is done on Frosty--am working at sewing down the binding now then all those tiny buttons need to be sewn on--ouch!!!!

HELP-- I have decided I need to purchase a bread making machine (I did not know all you had to do was dump the ingredients in it and it make bread--wow!!!)  I can not find an organic bread that doesn't have seeds in it--so need to make my own I guess--this last loaf of bread did not look like it had seeds but it does and I paid $7.00 for the loaf--soooo!! 
My question is do you use a bread machine and which one--I need something under a $100--can you help me by sharing--thanks!!

Our food price increase continues here--but it is just a wait now to see what HUD has to say and does--it it all up to them--Though the 2 higher ups in Poah the management company here is coming here on Thursday to talk to us--My question to the office downstairs was---Why is Poah coming if it is a Metz problem--Metz is the catering company that is providing the food service--she said that what ever is disgusted at the meeting will be transfered to Metz--what??????  I still say Metz should be here, too!!!  (Metz does not get all the food money that us tenants pay for--Poah takes a good chunk--though they are not suppose too--
So we wait--

My big frustration this week has been Tracphone--I have spent 9 calls to them to get my service working--we are still working on it--I bought a new cell phone from QVC in Oct and it came with a year's worth of unlimited time--but??????  So I will also be looking for another phone service --sometime before I my year is up--it always seemto be something to research and that cuts into my quilt time--boo!!!!!!

Oh and either this week or next week I have to have a major repair done on a wall in my apartment--I will have lots of work to do to get ready for them--am thinking it will be next week (last week of Feb as this week the weather is going to be too cool for them to it--?????????????

So see my life is not constant sewing--!!!!




Do you make bread--by the old fashioned way or my machine??

Maria said...

I wish we had some rain. It’s been soooooo long since we had a drop.
The little quilt does look better with the new border.
Both your No 2 challenge Book Case quilt and kids quilt look great.
Love all your hearts and the little cardigan.
Hope the catering issue and phone are resolved.

Kate said...

You've got so many fun projects in the works. My Guy is our bread machine, so I don't have any recommendations on that front. Hopefully HUD and the discussions with the management company lead to better actions on the meal program. Hope you get to watch the race today.

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Happy Tuesday, Di. You have had another busy , busy week. It is such a treat to see all of your lovely projects. Your monthly quilt is just beautiful and love the border that you chose. Thank you for stitching along with me. I do enjoy making homemade bread ever so often and I do use a bread machine as well. Mine is an Oster that my mom gifted me. Have a wonderful week. Hugs.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

just about any bread machine will work to make a good loaf of bread I've had several over the years and usually used them so much they finally died on me.