Sunday, February 25, 2024


 Do you remember this saying on a commercial on Television back in the day--must of been late 70's or early 80's??????   I remember being an adult and at my parents for a holiday dinner and a couple of us was in the kitchen helping Mom with dinner and the rest of the family, including the little kiddos, were in the living room and the noise level got pretty loud--so I stood in the middle of the kitchen and threw up my arms and shouted-- Calgon take me away--and it did the trick--everyone started laughing and the noise level came down a few notches!!! 

Well--I need that to happen in my life--only--no body is listening?????????

This has been a very stressful week, not to mention the whole month--and alot of lost time on my stitching schedule--here is all I got to work on this week--

First up though is a total finish--

Frosty is finished and has all his 36 tiny buttons sewn on them--

I also did get this month's large bom heart block embroidered--

And we are coming to the end of the daily heart embroidery by Crabapple hill--

We have just '2' more smaller hearts to do and then the finishing on the large heart in the middle--today's stitching is one of the smaller hearts--it is really hard to see some of the detail work on these hearts--maybe if you are good--I will do better close up photos for next week---

I did get to sew a narrow border on my Country--some of my favorite things quilt--and got a border sewn on this months baby quilt I showed you last week--and I am working on the embroidery work for this month's tea towel--and need to finish the flowers on this months Pumps and Petals block--
I had alot more I had planned to do this month--but there is only 4 more days or so left of this month and I know I have my shopping plans for Monday morning and that takes half a day--

I did do something fun this week--me and two friends from here--Carolyn and Janet--hopped the bus Friday morning and got off at the Library--I got a book--by James Patterson--the 18th abduction--and I have actually started reading it--so I get a 'GOLD STAR' for the week!!! I have read alot of his books and may have read this one years ago--but pretty sure this is the one I left off with and now there is more of this series--and then the 3 of caught the next bus and went on to Publix grocery shopping and to Bealls--where I got me a new purse to carry all my money everyone seems to think I have!!!!!

One of the things that took up so much of my time the last 10 or more days is my cell phone--my new one that had been working just fine since I got it in Nov-- just up and stopped with phone time which I had gotten for a year--so should of been good through to end of November--I lost count of the phone calls to Tracphone --if they could get it to work--it would only work for about 24 hours--So I have not had a phone for several days now--am looking into actual phone carriers and have found at least one that my new phone will work with--for about $25 a month---I love this new Samsung phone so really want to use it--but??????

As for the 'food fight' here--the top 2 bosses of Poah came down for a meeting on Thursday morning--I did go to this one and it was another lose of hour and half--these people are crazy and lying to us!!!
She told us she was in contact all the time with the Hud person who is over this cast of the raised food costs--yet when we asked his name--she couldn't recall it--hummmm--wouldn't you know the name of the person who you where talking to such as in this case?????  Just saying!!!  They are really planning and thinking there new price increases for the next 4 years is a go--!!!!!  We will see--?????

I am also having some serious problems with a neighbor next to me--not sure though that anything will be done--

and the office said my repair work on my wall would be done this week--now they are saying next week--maybe--this job will create a huge mess and everything has to be covered in plastic covers--that is my plan--they don't care if anything is--but they will be scraping off the bubbled paint and plaster and then re-plastering and the sanding that down--maybe 2 times before  repainting--so I think I need to cover everything---plus they have to move the big stand that my TV and computer and printer and all the cable equipment is on--that I am not looking forward too--????

So now you see why I want to say--CALGON TAKE ME AWAY????





Do you have any 'commercial' sayings you still say or remember today???

Julierose said...

I don't "get" that 2nd cartoon, Di???? Are all his passwords names of dogs maybe???
anyway--sounds like you have your days full of annoyances!!
sorry to hear that.. but you are still getting things sewn which is good hugs, Julierose

Deb A said...

So sorry to hear they put off the fix in your apartment. Yes, I would cover everything while they are doing that work. It will be a mess especially when they sand it down. Sorry the food situation did not have a productive meeting. On the plus side - Congrats on getting the Frosty's finished. They look great.
Oh - I need a Calgon, take me away too! They had great commercials back in the 80's and 90's.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I'm so sorry there's so much trouble at your apartment, Di. I hope there's a solution to the food problem, and that your wall gets fixed without too much of a mess. Your trip to the library sounds fun! Are you reading The Women's Murder Club series? I love those! Hope you get some stitching therapy this coming week!

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Oh dear, so sorry to hear about all the issues at your apartment building.. I do hope it gets sorted soooon and you can get back to peaceful stitching days!! The stitching that you have managed to do is gorgeous xx

Maria said...

Do hope your life is settling down and not so stressful.
Your Snowy finish is cute and nice stitched hearts.
Hope your phone gets sorted.

Kate said...

At least you got a day of fun with some buddies. Not having a working phone is stressful and so is all the stuff going on with the meal program. Fingers crossed you get some positive resolution with both in the next little bit. Love your Snowmen quilt, it's really cute. Enjoy finishing off the hearts. Happy stitching this week.

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Oh my it does sound like you need a "Calgon day, Di. I sure hope that this week is a better one. It is such a treat to see all of your finishes! Your Frosty quilt looks amazing and love the fabrics that you chose . And your sweet February heart is cute as a button! Well the commercial that I will be playing in my head will be "Calgon " now. Hee! Hee! Have a great week . Hugs.