Sunday, April 21, 2024


 It turned into a 'bus' week--with one new adventure on the bus--

So there was not alot of sewing time this week-

Here is what I did get done--

The two little counted cross stitching samplers I was working on got finished--

I got the Flamingo one done--

And here is the newer one--

This fussy squirrel--who almost wanted to fuss about this color for the letters--so I had to get a bit tough and say--'listen little squirrel--you are gonna like this color once it's all done--'--so he left me alone to finish it--

So now I have a 'collection' of sampler pillows--5 so far and have started another of Melisa's samplers--so-- keep watching this 'station' for that finish!!!!!

And I got more blocks done on the Dresden plate blocks--
Some how I ended up with 10--thought there was only going to be '9'--guess I can't count these days!!! So haven't decided yet whether to do 2 more blocks or what--I am out of this white on white background--Soooo????

And another little sweater got completed--

I also got more hand quilting done on the Library top--one row is complete and have done some work on the 2nd row--

And I did get April's heart block by Melisa traced and have started on that project and that is what I will probably work on this afternoon for Slow stitching Sunday and watching the race--

NOW--about the bus--I went on the bus twice this week over to the Publix plaza--one to go to the  
Spectrum shop to straighten out a bill--finally on 2nd stop seen the right person and he assured me the email I got from them was wrong and what my bill was--$65--and then on to the grocery store--
(well--my official bill came in an email last night--and it is wrong--they are still charging me for the Xumo box--$60--grrrrrrrr!!!!)

But the third bus ride was a fun trip--3 of us girls went to the Mall by bus--one friend had been there lots of time and knew where to get off and then later back on--and 2 of us had never been to the Mall on the bus-the funniest  part of this trip is--the Mall is a straight drive from her --west about 2 miles--but by bus--it took half hour and lots of curves and detours--like it goes to the airport even--before it ends up at the Mall--We did have a lot of fun--ate lunch there and visited and laughed and I got to return 2 items at Pennys before we left!!!
I took one photo while we were there--

The photos all have this brown tint to them--but this chandelier was just so pretty!!!!

Earlier in the week on one of the other bus trips I did stop off at the library and took a couple photos there--while waiting for the bus--

Can you see that 'feather' sitting on top of a small piece of tall grass???

 and along the pond was this goose nest that a goose has abandoned--has several big white eggs in it--

And while sitting waited for the bus--this pretty goose came up hoping I had food--which I did not--

Guess that's it for this week--
And yes there was another letter from the office with even more changes--that had some of the tenants in tears and some mad--but I am sure nobody wants to hear about it--so I will just leave you now--




Have you ever ridden on a bus--local or long distance???

Kate said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful adventure to the mall and even more fun with your buds. I like the photos of the chandelier, it's very pretty. Your flamingo and squirrel pillows are very cute. Happy stitching this week. Hopefully the changes announced via mail aren't too dreadful.

Kim said...

Both the squirrel and flamingo pillows are pretty. I smiled over the fact your bus took you and your friends all over the place before reaching the Mall. I've had many such bus trips through my life. Those dresden's are lovely.

Maria said...

Yes I've been on many bus trip. Often go from here to the big smoke 5 hours away.
Nice wee cross stitch pillows you've stitched.
Such a cute cardigan.

ButterZ said...

I like your little cross stitch pillows. Where can I get this little simple pattern. I’d love to give it a try.