Sunday, May 19, 2024


 Some were pleasant and some were a challenge and some I had to 'hold' my tongue--and just stay calm--or try too anyways--

We are still in the month of May right???

I did manage some sewing and quilting this week--

I got this month's bom block done by Melisa-

I left off the bottom strawberry on the right side and instead that is a little stool with a bucket of wild strawberries on it--when I was growing up--every spring we walked up the small hill behind our house and picked while strawberries for jam--and when my Granny went with us--she always carried a small stool to sit on while she picked--so this block was done with memories of Granny!

I also prepared 4 wool squares to stitch this week--and got them stitched

These two are the April ones--and came with the pattern--

And these two are for May--they had a bird on the pattern--but I wanted one a bit simpler one--so did my own and put them on a nest!!!

I got a counted cross stitching piece finished this morning--also by Melisa-

And I got this Library quilt all hand quilted

and the binding done on it--so a nice finish for 2024!!!

So the next quilt to get basted for hand quilting I did yesterday--

This one may take a bit of time--the backing fabric seems 'stiffer' than normal and the background fabric on the front --a white on white design is stiff--so we will see how this comes along!!!

On Monday the Van took us to Walmart and look what came home with me--??

Two really pretty purple plants--so--yep I have outdoor plants on my window sill--I planted them both in the same plant pot--

And on Tuesday night I was finally well enough to go out to eat to celebrate my birthday and Mother's day with my son, Dan, and my daughter in law--Sarah--and we went to Red Lobster and had a lovely meal and a great waitress--(alot of Red Lobsters are closing right now--but our waitress said ours is one of the better ones so should be staying open--we hope so!!!!


The week did have it's challenges--it was my recertification week for here at Trinity Towers--(though my year is not up til September--but they start it 4 months early!??)  So first up was the Inspection on May 15- with the paper work due on May 13th--got paper work done and handed in on time--then I had some housework to do and I got the round table from the kitchen moved to living area and decorated and the new wire shelf unit moved to the kitchen and decorated and the floors cleaned--the inspection went good--only the Assistant Manager when checking plugs in kitchen and the bathroom--some how could not reset the kitchen one--and she says to me--I will send maintenance up next week to replace that plug-- What--that is only plug in the kitchen and I use it for the toaster and my small oven--the next morning I tried it again --but it didn't work--so I found something to push the reset button in with and it reset--so all was good!!!    On Thursday I had the appointment in the office to do the paper work as they do it all online now and I will have to do it online next year--that went ok!!  

On Thursday I had to go downstairs early and wait for the Mail man to discuss my missing mail--the office here has to call the post office and order my box a new lock--and I am going to sign up online for my mail to be scanned and emailed to me each day--!!  On this Saturday when I went down to check on my mail--another resident was there and she could not figure out which key was her mail box key--so I helped her find it on her key ring--but then she couldn't remember her mail box number--thought it was 99--her key went into the lock--but didn't open it--I think that is what has  happened to my mail box--it used to be tight to open and now it isn't-think someone else is trying to open mine thinking it it theirs--and somehow it did open my box that Saturday--but I will still get a new lock!!!

And the biggest news of all--we got some much needed rain here yesterday--yes, Florida has gotten some rain and even some very bad damaging storms last week--and everyone around us got rain--but right here where I am--nothing!!! that is until yesterday afternoon!!!

And talking about rain--I guess where Nascar is this week end--they had a flood yesterday at the track and the way the track was redone--so drainage--so the water got to about 2 feet and lots of the cars and trucks got wet--so wonder how they will run today and if the track is dry enough to race--so guess I had better shut up and go see?????





Have you ever picked -true wild strawberries???? I miss those days!!
But I would have to do what my Granny did now--take a stool!!

Kate said...

You did have a busy week, on both the stitching and general life front. The library quilt is really cute, congrats on that finish. Hopefully this week is just as productive.