Monday, May 27, 2024


 For Florida--summer hit us this week end with mid 90's and very humid--it's a month early--hope someone lets the weather man know!!!!!!

Was a busy week for me--but I do feel like I got a lot of projects done--in the sewing room and on the long spring cleaning list--(which is still not totally done, yet!!)

AS this is a quilt blog--we will talk about that first--

I got two small ABC samplers all finished into little pillows--

The Beehive one and the Sunflower one--but there is no more room in my wood bowl for these--so will have to see which ones can stay out for summer and which ones might need to be put away for now!!!
These are from Melisa--wonder if there was some Christmas ones--I know there is a Turkey one and a Pumpkin one--cause I have those patterns printed off???

And all the small pink hearts are all appliqued for the pink and white quilt--

now I need to start cutting 3.5" squares for this quilt--

And I got this months Chookshed project finished over the week end--
All 16 of these little embroideries are all finished and will go in my gift box--each one does have a ribbon hanger on top--and I frayed out the wool piece alittle bit on the backs of these--that was "fun"!!!

And I worked on an Spring embroidery all week--then today I got it finished and ready to display--
A spring pillow--another of Melisa's designs--now I need to trace off her summer one!!  I had fun picking colors for this one--

And I started a NEWproject--when is a project considered a 'new' one--I have had a charm pack of these sailing fabrics for a long time and the white pieces cut to go with them--and I just kept moving them around--( so it is probably a ufo??) so the other day I got the lines drawn on the back for stitching them into half square triangles and then one day I just sat and stitched them up--
I have no idea --really--where I am going with these--we will just have to wait and see, I guess!!!!

And I got '2' blocks hand quilted on the heart quilt--

the red block and the pink block--

I am surprised I got as much as I did get done in stitching and hand work-I seemed to have had a bad week in hurting my fingers  Earlier in the week I was washing my kitchen scissors and the cloth slipped and did a big cut on my right thumb up by the nail--that one bleed--then yesterday somehow I happened to touch the pan I'd just taken out of the oven and did a small --but bad burn on my right index finger--thank goodness for Band-Aids and my Silver gel on them--both are all healed up now!!  but it is hard to stitch with Band-Aids on---!!!!

I had to do 2 shopping trips to the grocery store for supplies this week--that was 2 mornings worth of time and the second trip I also stopped at the Library--(these were city bus trips--I don't have a car)
and on Thursday I took myself for a lovely walk around the block and stopped a Café next door for lunch--I had Spinach Artichoke quiche  and it was a large slice and very tasty--so will be going back there --only I will be bringing half of it home for later--it was just too much to eat for me in one sitting--its a cute café in an old house-it was cool enough that day to eat outside--it was Friday when the humidity showed up!!!

And I am so sad about all the loss of homes and businesses and life where all the tornados have hit in the last couple of days--my heart and prayers go out to all of those folks--


This is for all you 'gardeners' out there!!!


Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Happy Monday, Di. I hope you have had a lovely day. It has been in the 90's here too and very humid. I am gobsmacked by all that you accomplished this week. You have been very busy. I love how all of your embroideries turned out. The colors and fabrics in Spring Checklist makes it look vintage- so so cute! And I just love your samplers. I haven't stitched any Christmas or winter mini samplers yet but they are coming. I have a patriotic one that I need to post soon. Thank you again for all of the support and sweet visits. You keep me motivated. I am in hopes of going on a vacation this summer- we usually do, but I am not sure . Have a great week. Hugs.

Deb A said...

It sounds like a fun restaurant right in walking distance for you. Yes, the hot and humid has arrived. I miss winter temps already! Lots of pretty projects and progress. Ouch on the cut and burn. Those are not easy to stitch with. LEt's hope this week is without injuries.

Kate said...

Your sampler projects are really cute. You've been so busy and productive. But watch those hand injuries, those aren't fun at all. Hopefully the heat and humidity will back off a bit before summer truly gets here.