Sunday, October 4, 2015


So now it is time for a happy dance--
this was time consuming--yet alot of fun and did keep me entertained for awhile--
can you make out the cats in this cloud???
the other night I dreamed of a kitten and it was orange and black tiger--
no white--it was a very beautiful kitten and I did want to adopt it!!!

I am still waiting for my girl friend back in NY to sell my bed so that I can buy a printer, sewing machine, iron and ironing board--so help me with saying a prayer for this sale--thanks--
now I need to get back to hand stitching--
oh--now wait a minute--
I did buy an adult coloring book Thursday while in Walmart--
maybe I should play with that first!!!!

Look what I found to add to my feather collection!!
Smiles, di

Friday, October 2, 2015


wondering where all the colorful leaves are???
that's right I now live in the sunshine state and we don't have colorful fall leaves here--

I have been busy though--
I know why I don't read or do puzzles in my apartment???
cause once I start a book or a puzzle I do nothing else until they are finished--
the book I read was--
really good and once I started it I had it read in about 30 hours--course there was eating an sleeping time included in that time--
and then I started this puzzle this week--
this is a large 3 foot puzzle so am glad that I got a table with an extra leaf--
have a lot more done on it since these photos but am not done yet--
Here is a momma racoon that they say has babies near by--
she is under the dock going down to the sitting area over the river--

have had a busy week here--
***I made it to all 3 exercise classes this week
***Tues afternoon I learned how to play Bunco and had a ball doing that
***Tues night was Bingo night --no wins for me!!!
***Thurs morning I had blood work done with my DD whom had to have some done too--
then we went out to breakfast and to get my FL ID card done--but did not have the right paper--but after a quick trip here and then back we did get that done--( was $32 here--only was $10 in NY!!)
then we did some shopping--
***after exercise class, today, I went back down to the community room to hear a talk about skin cancer--
Yep--life here is much busier and there is alot to do --
oh and yes--
there is still photos to take---
here is one of an eagle--
taken from the dock--
and here is one of the sunset last night--

Hope everyone has a great week end-
smiles, di

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


The last couple of days I have seen and photographed some new birds--
new to me that is--
and when I put on the larger lens on the camera and was looking out the bedroom window with it, I seen this sign out in the middle of the river with these birds sitting on it--
and then something closer caught me eye--
what is that--it is not a duck --I know that!!
so I grabbed the keys and took off downstairs and out the door to the pond--
and when I got there--
this is what I discovered--
a second bird had joined the first one--and I had fun photographing them both--
then the white one flew off--
Then yesterday again I was looking out the window towards the river and seen this site--
he was up there along time-this is alight pole in our parking lot--
and yes even at night time here it is really daylight out with the parking lot lights--
but I am not complaining!!
and on the other light pole a second bird showed up--
and then they decided to fly down and have a meeting-
Hey-dude you think we can find anything higher to sit on --
those light poles are really high --
yea--I know what you mean and did you see the view from there--
ya, dude and did you see that silly lady in that window on the 3rd floor with her camera taking pictures of  'us'--
yea--just like we are the pretty birds--if she only knew--
ya, dude--she must be a newbie!!!
so where  are we going for lunch today???

and here is yesterdays sunrise--
Smiles from sunny florida--di

Monday, September 21, 2015


At least I think it is--
or it will be one day this week-
so I did change out my door hanging--
see I can get in the 'spirit' even in the hot sunshine state!!!

And yesterday while watching my race I did start another hand quilting project--
It felt sooo good to be hand quilting again--
hand quilting relaxes me for some reason--

And here is Sundays view--
and here is the sunrise for this morning--Monday

Smiles, di
Mommy's home!!!!

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