Saturday, July 4, 2015


I have had flags on my mind for a week or more--
and will share some that I found on my walks around town--
First here is ours at the Jefferson in the back yard area--
this one fly's at the large hotel at the end of the lake--
I think this home is all ready for today!!
a really large one hanging on someone's porch-
found these in window boxes in front of a store--
this one is in the park at the end of the lake--

Don't eat too many hot dogs today!!!
Smiles, diandmissgracie

Friday, July 3, 2015


I don't know if you remember me saying that I am knitting baby sweaters--
for a charity--
I had gotten some done, but was not sure how to attach the buttons for safety--
and then one of the gals who works over at the yarn shop said she knew a great way to do them--
and we 'finally' got together and now I have 4 sweaters completed--

This one I bought the yarn for and it was expensive!!!!
and this pattern is a top-down pattern and so easy to do--

and these next 3 are from cotton yarn that a friend gave me--
and this lavender one I pretty much did the same style--
and we put cat face buttons on it--

these last 2 I did a different hem style on them and really like it better--
the pink one has little butterfly buttons on it and the peach one had fish buttons!!
I have another one about done and it is yellow --
then have yarn for one more of this brand--
so I am knittin away!!

and I have decided to do another 'clean out'--and get rid of more--
to day I am working on my fabric stash once again--
already have 2 more boxes to give away--
and am not done yet--
I do not want a big stash anymore--
they keep coming out with so many pretty new colors and patterns of fabric--
but I don't feel 'good' about buying any of it because of the 'stash' I already have--
out with the 'older' prints and colors--
to make room for maybe newer colors!!!
Smiles, diandmissgracie

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I will share some photos I took last night--
there is a lady that is about 5-6 blocks from here that is well known for her flower gardens--
so last night I walked in the opposite direction of the lake and took alot of photos of her flowers--
and I stood for awhile watching this 'moth'--he was doing like a dance on the flower with his legs--
very interesting to watch--
and across the street from her is a big brick church--this is the back side--
it is also the Church that I was married in back in 1967!!
Yep--been there and done that!!!
Smiles, diandmissgracie

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Got all 4 of the wool kits stitched up--

I am still one kit behind--
so next week will get it and July's kit--
so we are stitchin right along!!!

Here is some random photos of the Boat Races here this past week end at the end of the lake--

Lots of cardboard/duck tape boats--
lots and lots of dogs!!!!

lots of food vendors-
and yes--I did get me an ice cream from this booth!!!
lots of costumes--
don't you like that "lady" in the middle???
and even some rock climbing for those 'young' at heart at least!!!
and even though I was worried about all the debris in the lake--
they did get it pretty much cleaned up--
so all went well!!

Smiles, diandmissgracie

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