Thursday, September 29, 2016


Here is a photo of my friend Ruth on her 94th Birthday--
Ruth is the young looking one in the middle!!!
She is the first one I made friends with here in this new senior place in Florida--
a year ago--can you believe that --
it has been a whole year (actually 12 1/2 months!!) since I moved here from NY state--
it went by really fast let me tell you--
and I think the thing that I loved watching from the first day here--
was-- and is the clouds--how they can stack up and up--
there is sooo many different kind of clouds here--
look at this one--it looks like a space ship is going to land!!!

On Tuesday one of the residents here--Gwynne and I went to the Zoo--
it was the last day for the $3--entry fee--usually it is $18--each!!
we were sure it would be uncrowded and a good time to go--
but boy where we wrong!!
I think the whole county kept their kids out of school and took them there--
we did stay for about 2 hours--but then just had to leave--was too crowded to get around--
and talk about strollers--oh my goodness!!
But I did get some good photos of animals that I did not get in the spring when I went--
so it was a successful day--
The Meekats where out this time and they love playing and digging in the red dirt--
they dig huge holes and go in them--for a minute--then crawl back out and start another one--
just like us quilters--we start a quilt and then go on and start another one!!

Gwynne made a couple stops on the way home and one place is called Tuesdays Mornings--
and it reminds me of a Woolworth's years ago--a bit of this and than--
here is my treasures from there-
this is a large package of cardstock cards--of all colors for only $1.99
and the set of the 4 larger stamps was $3.99 and the Christmas stamps was only $1.99--
So I had a adventure this week--

Did you do something different or special this week????
love and laughter, di

Thursday, September 22, 2016


I just got another one of my wool projects finished--
for such a small project--there was alot of stitching and changing color of thread--
and did get another Wool project, finished in the prep work--
(needed the back ground fabric--and then to cut out all the wool pieces that I had the freezer paper patterns ironed too)
So the wool box is getting smaller--though I think there is still at least 2 more projects in there!!
But nothing fall--
need to find me a fall project--
though I am working on 2 Thanksgiving projects--
These will be "twins" when I am done--
one for me and one for ??????
One is all hand quilted now and have a good start on the second one!!
And I did get some small fabric orders in this past month or so--
This order--the bali charm pack was only 50 cents-so ordered the Mojito charm pack for $6--
and with the $5 shipping--that still gave me 2 charm packs for under $6 each!!!
and this was 2 more orders--

and this large framed cat's head is the one my DD and I gave my son for his birthday last week--He is like me--loves black cats--and he has a black cat-!!!

Are you all cooler if you just hit Fall---
Or warmer if you just hit Spring????
Think we are still in Summer mode here in Florida!!!
love and laughter, di

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I have a question for you--
but first I want to show you the 2 little projects
 that I finished the stitching on last night--
wool lamb--
wool rabbit--
Now the question--if I was to give these as gifts--
would you rather get them like this and then you can decide how you would like to finish them to use or display--
Or would rather get them already made into something--like a small pillow/pincushion, framed or a small wall hanging--or????
Thanks for taking the time to answer me!!!

love and laughter, di

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Done with the Bee blocks--
here is my design for Block #20--
A house block--
every farm has to have a little country house--
I mean we got a barn and a truck and everything-- for the Bee Farm--
so we needed a house!!
Now to decide on the fabric to stitch all these blocks together with????
that is always a challenge for me!!!

And here is a photo of this mornings late sunrise--
Talk about 'golden' moments!!!

Have a great fun stitchy day--
love and laughter, di

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