Wednesday, July 18, 2018


There has been alot of hard work the last couple months--
working on hearts--
(not really hard work--lovely work really!!)

I got this months embroidery heart done--
think this was heart #6!!

and more hearts are appliqued on the blue sets--
I think I just have about 4 more in this color way to do--
almost at the end--then to decide what to applique next--
as I really enjoy appliqueing --

and one more baby sweater is all finished--
an actually I finished off another one last night--
but need to do the sleeve seams and hide thread--

Well-- I gotta go for now--
think some 'kites' are calling my name--


Friday, July 13, 2018


I was able to get the last 4 dresses all appliqued--
it was photographing them that became a pain in the****!!
I started taking photos of all 4 of them together--
but just couldn't get the colors on the dresses to come out right--
so finally cropped them and did each one separately--
the red one with a burgundy belt--
a black dressy one with a grey tear drop on the collar--
a green dress with a green bow (tied in the back)
and a blue-- one with off the shoulder top!!

and these 4 join the other 8 made 2 years ago-
 so ---
now Di has to decide how to finish these off--
I think she has a plan--
but we know how 'quickly' she can change her mind!!!

and she is still working on sewing together this years pink heart challenge!!
and she has to do the blocks for this months color--red/burgundy--
so who knows--may be next year
 before she gets to doing these into a top!!!!?????

The weather here this week has been low 90's with a small breeze-
and no rain--!!!!

          THIS WEEK END--DI

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


When I was looking for something the other day--
in my 'UFO' drawer--
I pulled out the dresses that I started
2 years ago for the color of the month--
Remember these????
Most of these are my own design and all are appliqued--
I got the last 4 designs done--
and then it all got put away--
I spent some time yesterday checking the pattern's
picking fabrics and ironing on the pattern pieces
for these last 4 blocks--
and this morning between, Danny and Mac coming--(it's Tuesday)
I got  them traced and even the green one cut out
and laid out on the block and a couple stitches in it!!!

and I am still working on the hearts --
am doing all 42 charm squares this time--so still have a few more to stitch--
then I may sent them to NY to Anne for a hospice quilt or as she likes blues,
 she can make herself a quilt with them!!!

And I have been busy knitting--
and have already made 2 baby sweaters with that new batch of yarn!!!

And for this project--
I did decide to put away the Fall one--
( I did get all the ABC letters in that one--)
but am putting it away and stitching the Summer one for now-
yesterday the rest of the threads came in--so started one letter today--
to see if I like the new blue thread--it is darker than the first one--
but it could be a bit darker--but I am going to use this one--
it is so hard to really tell the shades of threads online, isn't it????

                    AND SMILE-DI

Thursday, July 5, 2018


I seen the new Summer sampler was finally released--
so I had to order it right away--
Only to me I wanted a different color fabric for stitching it on--
I know --leave it to me to want something different--!!!!!
I decided on this light blue-as this is a summer one--I was thinking of
clear blue skies--
( this is the most expensive piece of 28ct linen I have ever ordered--ouch!!)
and I ordered some blue thread to stitch the letters and words with--
But discovered it was too light of blues--
and the letters wouldn't really show  up--
of course that meant that I had to go online and order more thread!!
and even though I thought I could pick out colors from my stash--
to complete this stitchery--
I ended up ordering some of the colors in the pattern!!!
Hey gotta support the online shops--right???

I have gotten all the letters and words stitched in on the Fall one--
but think when the threads come in for the Summer one--
I will work on it and then go back and finish the Fall one--
doesn't that sound like a plan????

I also am on a monthly mailing for the Farmhouse Christmas series--
and on line I found someone doing this ABC sampler with the houses--
and I just had to get one to do it when the other ABC samplers are done!!!


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