Tuesday, November 24, 2015


My DD called late yesterday morning and we went out to lunch over on the beach side at the little hut place that we stopped at when I got  here for vacation in May--
and we shared the rice, black beans and pulled pork dish--it is really large enough for 2!!
then we went grocery shopping and she brought me on home--

a couple hours later the phone rang--
and DD was on the other end and said she was in the parking lot and for me to come down--
being the dutiful Mother that I am--I went down and here is what she got--
a red Christmas cactus--
the cactus had been on my 'want' list for a couple months now--
I have never had one before and when shopping last week it was mentioned and DD said she was wanting one too--which surprised me as she is not into plants!!
She ended up having to drive to Cocoa to pick up a pay check and she stopped at the Rockledge Gardens on the way home and found these for us and then she seen the poinsettia's too-- and the lady said there that this was the first year that they had gotten that color in and only got a couple of them--like maybe 8--well--DD said they now only have 6!!!
Here is a map of the east coast of Florida--I am about mid state--
and if you look to the right of the #4 dot you will see a X that is about where I am!!
There is an Air Force base across the river from here too--so I hear alot of planes flying over me!!
Smiles, di

Sunday, November 22, 2015


I put today's post on the wrong site--
go to my workbasket site for it--
it is on the left side of my page--
Silly, di

Monday, November 16, 2015


 My daughter showed up a couple weeks ago with this--
and she showed me how to make them--
and left me the supplies--
I just can't bring myself to make any yet--

but she spent that week end in the snowflake business--
she even got colorful-
and then she got 'carried' away--I think!!!!

smiles, di

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Here is where I am at with the Christmas wreath--
I stitched all the hexies together and then I pinned it onto the red background-
then I appliqued this to the red fabric--
was fun to do applique again--
for some reason I love to applique and hand quilt--
they are my favorite stitching projects--
not sure where I will go with next--
but still have some time before I need to finish it--

Here is a refresher picture of the first quilt that I had machine quilted--
Love this one and the large open stitching--
I had asked that the quilter do an 'outline' stitching on the other one--
and I know that was what was written in the order--
cause of the flowers and embroidery work on that quilt--I felt that a design like the dragon flies might not work--
(see last post)
but don't worry I will bind it and use it--!!!

seen this neat t-shirt on one of the tenants here and took her photo from my bedroom window--
and I also like her shadow on this one!!
and this is my friend, Ruth, who plays Skip bo in the community room every evening--
she had found this bear on the give away table and was adopting it!!

Smiles, di

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