Sunday, January 20, 2019


And hopefully I won't freeze before I get this written!!!!

I am really enjoying the Inchy club
by #raspberryrabbits and my friend Shell--
but before I could stitch on this last weeks hexies
I had decided I needed to redo the thread color I was using
when sewing them together--
so here they are now--
3 weeks worth are here--
yesterdays hexie is this one--
(and I did add 2 more colors of threads to be using in stitching the hexies--
yellow and a red shaded ones--)
seen a woodpecker feeding at a suet cake that is hanging in the tree outside the
community room window--first woodpecker I have seen here in NY--
don't believe I seen one before when I lived here!!!
and here is what the inchy's looked like last week
with that color thread--
It is nice to think about 'what' spoke to you the most for that day--
some days are hard--some days there is lots one could stitch--and then one must
decide what spoke to you the 'loudest' that day!!!


and now for some real exciting news--
I actually finished a couple fabric projects--
This is for week #1 in Fee's 52 week challenge--
I made 3 pockets for the gift box--
I found some bird fabric and fussy cut me 3 birds to applique to the top of purple
wool and added a bit of lace around each one--
the person who receives one of these can hang them up and fill them with 'whatevers'--
even dried or silk flowers would look nice in them--!!
and here is Week #2--
I think I already know who might be receiving this little gift--???
And I already seen Fee's post for week #3--
and I am excited--
cause I already have something in this line started and want to finish them--sooo????

And here is more stockings--
I now have 30 knitted--
wonder if I will stop now and go on to something else--
or keep making them?????

and for this challenge--
I have stitched 7/7 days this week --and 20/20 days so far this year!!
and have stitched a total of approximately 34 hours total!!

and for this one--
I have been working on Counted cross stitching--
but today's would be the 'redoing' of stitching the hexies together with the new color thread--

Now for today's weather report--
Here in central NY state--
we have--
so far we have about a foot of snow--that is--
if it stayed in one place so you measure it--
it seems the 'wind' is moving it around--
from here to there!!!!

yep--even in Florida it is chilly today!!!!
but awhole warmer that in New York!!!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2019


I have some stories to tell you all--
that I have not gotten around to until now--

First is the latest story of  "irons"--
During the first couple weeks of back in Sept--
when I first arrived back here in NY--
I bought myself a new ironing board and iron-
thinking I would be sewing right off--
and this is the   iron I bought--
I have to have a stainless steel soleplate--
cause when the Teflon ones heat up--they give off a toxic smell that makes me cough--
so I had found this one at Walmart for $14--
we all know how sick I got after being here for 2 weeks--
and there was no sewing until now--so that sat on the ironing board--
from Sept to  this past Tuesday--when I finally had fabric that I needed to press for a project--
I opened the box and lifted the iron out--
and -
there was no way I could use this iron--it was too big and too heavy for me--
so back in the box it went and out to the computer I came--
I finally decided on my an old favorite iron I used to have when I lived in NY before
the adventure in Fl--
So I ordered it--at Walmart for $28--yep double what I had paid for the other one--
but Joann's wanted $54 for the same iron ---sooooo!!!!
On Friday when this one came in--I returned the other one--
the clerk almost did not give me my money back on the other one--
as it had been over 90 days--but she finally agreed too--
thank you sales lady!!!

When I had this same iron years ago--
I had problems with the handle breaking--
but my brother sorta fixed it for me--but the handle was always in the up position--
and when I moved I got rid of it--
That one I had also paid the $50 for from the local quilt shop--
Today I got to use the new iron and it was like working with an old friend---
and this one is small and light weight and will be easier to get it back to FL either
in my suitcase or shipped!!

Now--another story--
I had ordered 2 wood rocking chairs from a company in CA through Walmart
for my move here--one for me and one for Anne when she came--
and I also ordered us a set of cushions for the chairs and 2 storage box foot stools--
and the rockers where here when I got here--
what a mess--
first I was a mess--right after I got here--
foggy minded and such--
but I unpacked all the pieces--
(OHHH--forgot to tell you--these rockers came unassembled!!!)
and then the real fun began--
we could not get them together--
the pieces didn't match and the screws they sent me didn't seem to want to work--
two different men, sorta, tried to help me--
by this time--I already knew I was going back to FL--
so I decided to return the rockers--
it took weeks of working with Walmart and the CA company to get that done--
in the end they returned my money and said they didn't want me to return the chairs either--
and I really hated to just trash the chair pieces--
so I called a friend who I knew was good with wood and he took them--
thought maybe he could at least get one good chair out of them--
and he even got them both put together--
but said it took all kinds of work and redrilling and different screws--
he did offer them back to me--but I  told him, no, I had finally gotten my money back after 2-3 months of phone calls and emails--and after all the work he did on them he needed to keep them--
which he did--they sit on his front porch!!!

These are just 2 stories of how the things I got for this apartment had not worked out--
it just seemed that everything was broken, wrong size parts, didn't fit--whatever--
Can't tell you the amount of stuff I took back to Walmart or sent back to 3rd party companies!!!
If I had grandkids this would be a good story to tell them-but as I don't have any--I got to tell you!!!

Weather outside is 'frightful' tonight--
more on that tomorrow and hopefully some actual sewing finishes!!!!

Thanks for reading--I can laugh about all this now--but it sure wasn't funny at the time--!!!


Thursday, January 17, 2019


Threads--and colors--and makers--
I continued on in my sorting goals yesterday--
and it was time to tackle all my thread collections--
and I have alot of them--
and I am sure too many--but do hate parting with any of them!!!

I worked on the Cosmos threads yesterday and this morning--
I had the whole collection about 4 years ago--(over 450 skeins--)
and probably have nearly all of them yet--
I had picked up colored sandwich bags to sort them in--
the colored bags are yellow, green, blue and red--
I organized each 'set' of colors into a bag and labeled them--
and added the number of the lightest color on the label--
I used to have them all in plastic boxes--
like the ones on the right side of this photo--
but there were a couple different series of colors in each section so each time I had to resort them out when looking for the right shades--
I also do not want to ship all these boxes back--they take too much room in the shipping boxes and the plastic gets broken!!

Then this morning I put all the  colors onto rings--
like this ring is full of bags of blues--
and then put the bags into these reused curtain zippered bags--
I do think I would of liked the regular clear sandwich bags for this project instead of the colored ones--lesson learned!!!

This is my shelf now--
2 large curtain bags of Cosmos embroidery thread and one ring of bagged variegated threads on top--
a large bag of Valdani threads, a box of silk threads, 2 boxes of Classic Colorworks threads and a box of Weeks Dye threads--I don't know if I will be putting these 4 boxes of threads in plastic baggies or not!!!
and I still have--
this large bag of Wildflower threads to decide whether to keep or to send to CA--
I do think I have enough thread collections--
and this doesn't count my applique threads, and hand quilting threads or machine threads!!!
Ouch!! how many different kinds of threads does one 'stitcher' need??????????????

MAKE A CRAFT FOR SOMEONE YOU LOVE                                    TODAY--

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


I finally got some crafty things going on--
but first I had this to deal with--
This has been what my small kitchen table has looked like for months--
I only eat breakfast here--and look out the window and watch nature-
then I work on a counted cross stitch project--
and then I added the Inchy-hexie stuff as I do that stitching first --
from what I picked the day before (I am too tired in the evenings to try to stitch on
these small hexies --find mornings better for me!!)
so we had to do something about this organized mess first--
Wow--there really is a table under all that stuff--
the hexie project and counted cross stitch now go down in this pretty tote--
and just pretend you don't see that other stuff there--
it was gone by this morning--
Opps--well--you really didn't think it would stay cleaned off for long did you???
Got last weeks project #1 prepared for stitching on the 'project a week' site--
am doing 3 of the items--though mine will be different than Fee's--yet on the same order--

And look at what I found in one of the little storage boxes I have--
remember this from last year that I kept a daily record in of my hand quilting time in it--
now I am keeping track of just stitching time each day in it--

And here is the last 2 days worth of Inchy's--
On Sunday I sorted my yarns and knitting needles out--
a bit of yarn and some knitting needles will hopefully be flying to CA for some knitters who
lost everything in the fires--I had alot of double and triple sized cable needles from when I did more knitting years ago--I still kept my whole knit-pick needles--just don't usually have but a couple projects going at once these day--
that is a card with some fine sandpaper glued to it (was given out a quilt class a few years ago--)
and it is just the right size for holding these small hexie's while I draw the design on them--

and Mondays hexie--
is a pair of scissors --cause I actually did cut some fabrics for sewing!!!!

Send some 'love' in a note or letter today--
luv, di

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