Wednesday, October 26, 2016


It has been a busy week here for some reason--
but at the end of last week I did get 3 more towels finished--
so they will join the others in the gift box--

think this was a Splendid Sampler block pattern that I used on these!!

Am busy working steadily on a Christmas gift--
it has alot of applique on it--so that is what is keeping me stitching right at the moment--

I did finish another baby sweater too--
but did not take a photo--
(enjoy this photo found on the Internet!!)
am sure that by now you are tried of seeing them--
and yes another one is on the needles--
I do need to start a pair of socks though for Anne, in NY as a gift!!

Hope you are all having a great week too--
love and laughter, di

Friday, October 21, 2016


Last night just my son was able to come to dinner--
and after we eat--
we always play some kind of card game--
I actually won a couple games, tooooo!!!
a bit after 8pm my son tells me that we are going on a road trip--
so I get ready and off we go--
and guess where we ended up??
At a Tasty Freeze--
and this one had a new combo--
chocolate and peanut butter twist--
guess which one I had???
and it was very yummy--
now you are probably wondering why I got excited over a 'tasty freeze'??
For one thing there is not alot of those places in Florida--it is too hot here to eat one--
and not have it melt faster than you can lick--
I had not had one since I moved to Florida 13 months ago--
but my son had heard me mention this and he knew of a Tasty Freeze stand just a few miles from here-so he took me out!!!
and the funny thing is--that up North all the Tasty Freeze's are closing for the season--
and I am just getting started--


Had an adventure this morning tooo--
went to flush the toilet--
and broke the handle--so no 'flushy'--
then went to call down to the office--

and the phone is not working--
nor is the Internet!!!
So after walking down to the office to report the toilet--
and after eating my breakfast--
I called the cable company--
we got the phone and internet up and running--
and while I went down to the dock to feed and check on my 'friends'--
my toilet got fixed--
and I am very lucky that it was Friday--
and not over the week end--right?????


So that has been my adventures--
what are yours this past week???????
love and laughter, di

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


I am a NASCAR fan--
so you know what I do every week end!!!
I also use the races as my counted cross stitch time--
for the most part--
here is a finish for this past week end--
I finally got September's done--
remember this month the author was very late in posting the pattern on her blog site--
so that put me behind--then found I did not have the correct count cloth--so had to wait for that to come in--but one more is done--
and I am happy to say that I got a good start on October's stitching--
but will need more cloth for November and December ones--
will order that on the 1st of November--
do have that pattern--and it is a peacock==so am anxious to start that one--
that is my story and I am sticking to it--

Weather wise here in Florida--
we are getting some great sunny days--
but still on the breezy side--
but I still go to the dock each day--
today I had fun watching this Osprey trying to decide if he wanted to catch a fish in the high waves on the river or not--also spotted some dolphins swimming about--

Yesterday  on my walk I found this butterfly--
It looks like it is only partially got his wings open--
but it is actually a second butterfly attached to the first one--
wonder what that is all about?????

And a special note--did you go over to my other site--(upper left hand corner)
to see some kids photo's I took on my trip???
love and laughter, di

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Nope--that is the wrong title--
it is three towels done--
I bought a couple-three dozen of these cotton towels at least 3 years ago now--
in the spring I did applique on 3-4 of them with butterflies for gifts--
and now I have done 3 more--
and boy would I love a chocolate cup cake right about now!!!
I have applique ready (in another pattern) for 3 more towels--

Been busy all week--there just has seemed a lot to do this week--
but am getting most of the list done--
still need to do some cleaning and sorting in the bedroom--
and do some fall decorating--did get the fall box done yesterday--
and did get a fall wall hanging hung on the front door--
so there is hope for me, yet!!!
Here is a sunset last night from my bedroom window--
and today--
some of the small birds showed up and I had 5 squirrels come to eat and for peanuts--
first day all week that I could sit on the dock --
the breeze off the river has been really bad allllll week--

Have a safe fun week end--
love and laughter, di

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