Sunday, May 19, 2019

I AM---

tired, depressed and lonely today--
so that is why there is one less--
one less--dark truffle in the bag  on the bottom shelf
in the refrigerator!!!
Ok on  to some 'better' stuff--
We are back to Wednesday of last week--
and I did a dogwood bloom for the tree across the street--
and the photos I took that day--
(think my artist drawing talent was on vacation on  Wed--by the looks of
that poor bloom!!!!)

was a day where --
you know how you know that there are things you need to do--
but you seem to put them off--
and sometimes they don't ever get done--
I did sit down and do --one of things--
and that was to send out some cards--
I sent out 4 birthday Thank You cards, one Birthday card, and one Sympathy card!!!
the birthday card went to my other sister--June--though a bit early--
her's not till this week on the 23rd--
and the Sympathy card was a very sad one--
to an old boyfriend and his family (he is the  one I am sure I should of married--but???)
His very talented and genius level -14yr old grandson committed suicide!!!
(they say cause of that awlful word--bullying!!!!)
I was terribly bully-ed in school--only I didn't know it was suppose to bother me--
had never really heard the word--bully--back then--just thought it was what kids did--
so--I just took it and kept right on going with life--but I guess it is alot different now--more peer pressure--more in the news about it--sad sad sad!!)

Oh what a delightful surprise I had Friday afternoon--
I was sitting in the rocker--stitching--and glancing out the window--
when I stopped--and sat and stared--
because--instead of a Humming bird at the hummer feeder--
I had this guy--
a beautiful Balitmore Oriole--
the first time I have seen one in real life--
and was on my 'bucket' list of birds I wanted to see--
I just watched him drink--as I was so surprised--
and I knew that if I got up to get the camera--I would scare him away--
maybe if he comes again I can get a photo for my album!!!!

was just pretty much a routine Saturday for me--
sewing the Inchies together for the past week--
Then in the evening--
I watched my favorite sport--
this week was the All Star race--
no points--just fun racing--
and only a select few--like 19 drivers on the field--
and I got excited in the end with who won--
someone outside of the main 6 drivers who have won so far this season--
I love it when a different driver wins--
OHHH--and the winning prize besides a trophy--
was just--
a check for a
Yep--one million dollars!!!!
(he won't get the whole thing--but alot of it!!!)
Kyle is married and has 2 small cute kids--a boy and a girl!!!!


And Yes--after nearly 5 1/2 months of doing the Inchies--
it does get harder and harder some days--
really did not know if I would come up with something for yesterday--
cause as I said it was a quiet routine day--
I thought hard before I did another race car--this was my 3rd one since mid Feb--
but --then racing is 'my' thing other than stitching and knitting and photography--
so why not--especially when there is something 'history' making going on!!!


We are 'hot' today--
yesterday we were still 'cold'--
so today it feels 'terrible'-- really--way too hot--
our bodies are having a hard time adjusting--(at least mine is)
tomorrow is suppose to be hot too--but then--
we are back to cold!!!!!  go figure!!!!!!


Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Even if it is dark, cold and rainy--
the season seems to know that it is Spring--
and it is springing into action--
can't believe how green the hills are getting--
with all the new leaves on the trees and bushes!!!

Last Thursday--
I had my slice of Lasagna from Olive Garden--
for my supper--
a pot of fresh asparagus
both where yummy!!!

Fridays Inchy--
Is for the beautiful Bluebells that where blooming in a corner
of the one of the gardens--

Saturdays Inchy--
is --
I was sitting at the table looking out the window while stitching--
and seen 'my' first sail boat  of the season on Seneca Lake!!
They are working now each day at putting the sail boats into the water at the piers
pretty soon all will be ready to sail the Lake!!

Inchy of course had to do with
Mother's Day--
was cold, wet and damp here--
so didn't go any where--
stayed in my nightgown all day and sewed and knitted!!

Yep--the printer has needed some new Ink for along time now--
but I hated to spend the money on it--
but I need to print out some photos--
some ink came home with me--
on the walk around Walmart for exercise!!!

Inchy is kinda funny--
See this rocker--
I sit in this in the afternoon's--
I read a bit--
then stitch, or knit--
well--this week I also did a bit of this--
yep--caught myself--
sawing some logs both on Monday and Tuesday really--
woke myself up --snoring !!!!!
(have no fear--they were only 10 minutes or less breaks for working!!!!)

I also did get another block of the Grace blocks finished--
and have another one half done--
I just have the half one to finish and one other one--
then all 9 blocks will be done!!!!

Got a couple flowering tree photos this afternoon--
in the back yard--
there is 3 of these trees--
and I seen this "huge" bumblebee--just having the time of his life with all the pollen!!!!

and this one is across the street here--

So how was your week???


Thursday, May 9, 2019


Well--almost--just a day late--
as I guess mid week is really a Wednesday!!!!

I started the (--or ended the week--??)
on Sunday--
In my nightie all day--
it was cold and windy here again all day--
so just stayed in and worked on projects--
and had hoped to see a race--
but it got rained off --and reset for Monday--

Big day--

I am finally an 'Old' lady--
I think they are saying that old age doesn't start now until you are '71'!!!!
I started the day with my trip to Wal mart--
had to do some grocery shopping--
later I got a card on the door-with a gift card in it--
and at mail time a package came--

from a dear friend who reads my blog site-
but doesn't have one herself--
but we have become good friends--
think she is trying to sweeten me up!!!
Thanks-Carol--they are yummy!

I also got my devotional book I had ordered--
and a knitting book--two at a time--toe up--socks!!!
and there was some phone calls and emails and ecards for the day--
I got to watch a NASCAR race in the afternoon--then
I fixed myself a nice supper--

Was Anne's day with me--
and we started the day out at her house--
with presents--

and I was able to get some neat photos of her flower garden--
this is standing in her driveway and looking south--
then looking west--
she had lots and lots of tulips--
I will be doing a post later over on my other site--disworkbasket-
of some of the ones that really caught my eye--

We then went and did a couple stops at the larger Walmart and Target-
in Elmira --about 20 miles south of here and we did lunch at
Olive Garden--where I got my 'free' slice of Lemon cake--yum!!
Oh and I got to pet most of Anne's cats--and she has cats!!!

was a not fun day---
they painted our driveways and parking lots with that stinky smelly stuff!!!
I did make it to Walmart for my walk--just as they were starting it--
and then the rest of the day--
I was--
here with the blinds closed and the drapes closed--
(the blinds are open under these curtains as I took this photo this morning!!!
but with them shut and the drapes closed--it is very dark in here--
so for 2 days now in less than a week--I have had to close them cause of
very bad chemical things outside--fun!!!!!
but the parking lots look nice!!!!!!!!!

Here is some photos of flowers I took last Friday when I walked
up to get a loaf of bread at the bakery--

Well that's all folks for now--
It has still been cold and windy here--
that is--
except for my birthday on Monday--
and it 72 degrees and Sunny!!!

cats are sooo funny!!!
these are not Anne's cats-seen this on the knitting site this morning!!

Sunday, May 5, 2019



so now we have--
and this is my favorite month--
cause winter should really be 'history' by now--
and Spring should be in full--
let's get ready for Summer mode!!!
one can hope???? Still really chilly here!

On Wednesday--
the Inchy is--
Ahh--can you tell what this is--
week befores goal was to walk them once a day--
well--that happened one time--
But--too bad--
this week's goal was 2 trips up and down each day--
I did better--did it 4 times!!
This week's goal is 3 trips up and down each day--
(my goal is for 4 trips up and down at least 3-5 times a week!)

On Thursday--
I got brave--
and made a couple calls--
and this was the results--
I called my Senior Apt place in Florida to see where I was on the wait list--
for an apartment--
I am # 37--
oh my goodness--we are probably talking a good 9 months to a year for here , yet!!!
and I called the new to me place in Florida--
which when I applied they said for the studio apt--
it would be 5-7 month wait--we have waited a full 7 months now--
and they said it will be at least 2 more months or so!!!!
At this point--
I just want to be back in Florida by Sept if possible--
before it gets cold again--
so we wait!!!

And Friday's Inchy
is a
and I have '2' tree stories for this one on the same day--
first up--
was this--
I am sitting at my table looking out at my tree
When Landscape crew comes along and---

dumps 4-6 of black mulch around my barrel--
and wouldn't you know it--
I start having an immediate reaction to something in that mulch--
the manager was called and around 3pm our Asst manager went out
and removed it all for me--in the mean time--I had to have the binds and the
curtains closed all day cause of the problem of the smell which caused me
to cough and have trouble breathing!!!

But here is a happy story about a tree--
I got an early Birthday card in the mail that day--
from my girl friend in NJ and she had a tree planted in my name in a Forest!!!
How cool is that????!!!!

Saturday's Inchy--
is also a birthday gift--
a butterfly garden ornament--
and it has solar lights in it--
provided the sun shines enough one of these days to keep the solar charged up!!!

So here is all last week's Inchies stitched to the body--

and where my Inchy quilt is so far--
it is getting large!!!

Also last week --
I finished another 'Grace' block--

And this is where I am at on my slow stitching project--
Word Play for the month of June--

And --
would any one know where I can order some more of this
seam ripper--

It was a gift a couple years ago or so--
and I do love it--
but want another one--can't seem to find them!!


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