Sunday, September 21, 2014


This is week #4 for me--
and it was a tough one--
in some ways--
as some pictures could be used in more that one subject--
and I wanted to reuse some I used last week!!!!!
But here goes--

1. Window--
you just don't see Texaco signs in windows anymore!!!
this building is here on our main street and I took this one on the Photo Class walk last Saturday!
this is the main house where the pumps where out front and the photo is from the garage, that is to the left of he house

2. Picture in a picture--
this is on the wall between the kitchen and dinning areas--
and, yes--it usually has clutter on it!!!

these are the train tracks that I cross every time I want to go to the end of  the lake to take photos--
and as I crossed them and looked down them I realized that they curved--
the building is the old railroad station and is now a restaurant--
and yes trains still travel this track a couple times a day!!!

4. Pattern--
look at the pattern and detail in this flower--
this was in a garden just down the street from me!!

and the last one is the 'best'!!!
5. Square--
a square of my 'favorite' dark chocolate--
and I think it is nearly time to indulge in a bite or two!!!

My 3 week photography class has ended--
and I did learn alot--but still??????
and now the question is 'what to do with some of the great photos I have taken'?????
Happy Sunday--
hugs, di and miss gracie

Friday, September 19, 2014


are ready to go to the Yarn shop--
and I need to get another skein of the yarn wound to knit some more--
this is really an easy pattern to knit up and I like having one on the needles for nights when I am too
tired to do anything--yet need something to do with my hands!!

I also did some actually sewing at the sewing machine--
you can see what I made on the other blog site--

and here is the shawls after blocking--
this shawl is 50% silk--and purple!!!
I do have another shawl on the needles--but it may be awhile before I finish that one!!!

My friend Anne and I went for a ride today and stopped at a couple garage sales---
I did not buy anything--
on the way back we stopped at her house and I took photos of some of her flowers--
and cats--
This is Max and he loves his walks everyday--
but--he did not like me!!!but he has the longest tail I have ever seen!!
and the markings are different!!
and this one is Bentley--he loved me and the chin scratches I gave him--
he is her one eyed wonder cat!!
these two are less than 2 yrs old--
her other '4' cats are very old ones--with 2 being late teens!!
Have a fun day today--
hugs, di and miss gracie

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


One of my things on my 'to do' list for today was to block a shawl--
I had 2 that have needed blocking for awhile now on that
to do list-
I got the first one blocked and for whatever reason,
I got the second one out to make sure that I had wide enough blocks--
and look what happened--
I now have both of them blocked--
so I got to write off two things on the 'to do' list!!!
I found this beautiful red dog taking a bath down at the end of the lake the other day when I was out playing with the camera!!

Now I am off to mark another thing off the list--
need to walk over to the Health food store for my 'grapeseed oil mayonnaise'!!
Hugs, di and miss gracie

Sunday, September 14, 2014


This is Sunday is my 3rd week--
got to say--
this weeks was a bit of a challenge--
so here goes--

1. Stripes-
This flag was flying from a large sail boat down on the pier last evening--
the only other thing that I found this week with stripes was my couch!!!!!

2. Packed--
Look how 'packed' my one living room wall is????
I like to get alot of my handwork displayed--so my walls are always busy!!!

3. Travel--

this is a photo of Hector Falls, NY--
I took this when blog friend, Sunny was up the end of May--
that is the only 'vacation' I have been on this year--
the funny thing about this falls is that I have passed this falls many, many, many times over the years--and it only looked like a small falls--but that day we parked on the bridge over the falls and got out of the car--I was surprised at how large it was and had alot of fun doing photos!!!

4.  Favorite--
Oh my--for favorite I had a really hard time--
I have lots in my photo files--
but I think this one of  'Odie' when he was baby is one of my favorites--
love how I did the quilt and props in this one and how he was climbing up on them!!!

5. Too Cute--
A doggy in the window!!!
I discovered this dog looking out a 3rd floor window in this building while on our walk yesterday afternoon with my Photo class--
he was just having soo much fun up there watching all the traffic!!!
Here is better picture of the buildings 2 upper floors--
the first floor is a Chinese Restaurant!!

Well-that's it for this week--
wonder what next weeks challenge will be???
hugs, di and miss gracie

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