Friday, November 16, 2018


It was very 'white' outside this morning when I got up--
Like I said--white--
oh and cold--only 27 degrees--

But Mr. N was still busy finding 'bugs' in the tree--
and I got to photograph a new bird--
a Dark eye Junco--I believe-
actually there was 3 of them about the ground looking for seeds
that are in a bird feeder out the Community room window--
and these trees were so pretty in the side yard--
those red red berries so pretty with all the snow on them--
I have never seen so berries on these trees before--huge crop this year--
very early yet for a snow storm with 14 inches of snow--ouch!!

Enjoy, di

Monday, November 12, 2018


It is nearly mid November --
and where have I been--
this is  a bush that is in the back yard here--
beautiful red leaves where on it--
they have all fallen off now--
the hills went from green to yellow and brown and now they are all bare--
just hills full of bare brown trees--
miss my Palm trees!!!!
Yep that is the belly of a Chickadee-
they are fast birds and hard to get photos of--
only seen him a couple days in a row--
caught this guy saying his prayer--
(was probably praying I would come out and feed the Nuthatcher--
so he could steal the seeds for himself--

So the big question is---
Am I any better???
Well--that seems to depend on the weather--
if we have a sunny dry day--I do feel better and have less discomfort--
(and it even seems to go away!!)
unfortunately those are few and far between--
as soon as it clouds over--the tightness in my right side comes right back
in full mode and it is still hard to do things with my right arm or hand--
though I have done a bit of counted crossing the last couple mornings--
Take care and keep stitching--

enjoy, di

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Look at my two new friends--
I put the seeds out yesterday==
and my little Nuthatcher has worked on them==
but  apparently there was still alot left--
and do you see how their tales are turned up and over their bodies--
what does that tell you???

like maybe it is a bit cold outside already--only 30 degrees out this morning--

and here is some photos I took the other day--

Wait where is all the sailboats--
Oh there is still a couple docked--
but where is the rest of them???

Oh there they are--
all lined up like neat little soldiers in the parking lot across from my window===

I was good yesterday-only a little discomfort--
but then it was a clear sunny day--though chilly--
today I am right back in bad discomfort all day--
but then it is cloudy overcast and rainy--
now we know why I want to move back to the Sunshine state!!!

Enjoy life--

Thursday, October 25, 2018


I was finally well enough to change lens on my camera--
(I know changing lens is a simple job-but???)
so I could get some better photos of my new friend for you--
Oh look that lovely new lady that lives in the apartment-across from my tree--
put some snacks in my tree--

Do my cheeks look full yet???

Ok--what about now--do you think I can fit some more seeds in there yet??

Well--maybe they are full now--better go hide these--
I will be back though!!

And while he was gone
Look who showed up--
another new friend--

a pretty Nut hacker--

Tell me if you see that 'red' creature coming back--
cause I plan to help him with his treats!!!!


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