Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I got a couple packages in the mail last week--
first I got this sweet gift--
This came from Carol H in NJ--
I met her through this blogsite even though she does not have her own blog site--
but we keep in touch  though cards and letters, and this was a Thank you for the little things I have sent her here and there--Thank you Carol--just love this cat--and by the way--she is housebroke and doesn't even need kitty litter or food--how great is that--

then one of my dear blog friends, Sunny--
sent me some early Birthday gifts--
and I was 'bad' and finally could not wait to open the package--
Look at all these goodies--
Sunny had shown us the wall hanging on her blogsite and I had fallen in love with it--
and now look, it is mine--love it----yep, I really do, Sunny--
and the cat quilt pattern is so cute--think I do have to work on that one--
just deciding on colors right now--
Thank you Sunny--

and here is a bit of quilting--

sorry the color is off on this photo!!
these are 3 more sets of 2 for the Circa 2016 quilt--

and in counted cross stitch--
I have another month finished--
and don't tell Di--but she forgot to iron this before she took the photo!!!
and I have a nice start on April's--so I am happy about that!!!

and another baby sweater got finished--
and another one has been started--
this is my update so far--
not any sewing this week though--
have some other things going on--
but I am still getting my good walk in each day in the Sunshine and going down to the dock to feed the birds and squirrels and to do photos--
Have a wonderful day-
love and laughter, di

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I have done some quilting--
a couple more Splendid samplers blocks had come out--
this one--they said would have one half square triangle block left over--
but I used it in reverse, so now I have 2 more blocks for my red and black collection of blocks--
and this block--was going to do it like everyone else's block and embroider the numbers on the tape, but then I found this fabric and decided to use it instead--
and when I went to put it with the rest of the blocks--
I found this one--
so now maybe I have a theme going here!!!

And I decided to redo the block that came out a bit too large last week-
I think  I like the fabric and colors in this one better--
and I was sooo careful in my cutting and measuring a sewing--
and squaring up!!!
but guess what--
it still is too big--about the same size as the last one--
so both will go in the collection of finished blocks and we will just see where we are in the end!!!

and look were I found a lizard sunbathing the other day!!!
On top of a frogs head--
when he jumped down--it was to inside the pot that the frog is hanging on to--
so that must be his home!!

Happy stitching-
love and laughter, di

Friday, April 15, 2016


Actually I do not have a single dress in my closet at this time--
I am bad--
but I have designed a couple more dresses--
for you to see in applique--
this months color is orange--
so I did one all in oranges--
and we were to add a touch of brown or black--
and I found this fabric soo--
I had to buy some and I used some for another dress--
both of these dresses are my design for doing them in applique--
wonder what next months color and dresses will be like!!!

Happy weekend--
love and laughter, di

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


 I got the last 2 blocks of Splendid sampler finished--
and this one--
and for this one-
do I or do I not???
tell you????
this one came out as a 7 inch square when I got it finished--
again--who knows what I did wrong--
must be the seam allowances--most patterns say a scant 1/4 inch so that is what I usually do on all my blocks now--but it must of made this one too big--crazy!!!

and I purchased a lot of linen towels a couple years ago to make up for gifts--
but have not done anything with them--
so when I see the butterfly applique pattern from JacquelynneSteves.com
(free download)
I copied it and made me 3 towels so far--
and these 2 in this  months colorway--

I also have 2 more dresses prepped for applique--

here is an outside photo--
that darn wind is messing with my hairdo!!
so I am outta here for now!!
love and laughter, di

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