Wednesday, October 29, 2014


but no pictures of it!!!
I had to go to the dermatologist yesterday and get a small cyst removed from the top of my head--
and by the time the young male doctor got me stitched back up--
he had to pull my skin so tight to do it--
I actually feel like I got a face lift at the same time--
so how I have a headache on the top of my head!!!

When I got home there was a neat poster in my mail box--
left there by a friend--
And yes I do believe she will win a Nascar race soon!!!

On our travels yesterday we stopped at Staples--
I had to use a $12 coupon by Friday--
that I got for recycling used printer ink cartridges --
and I did not really need anything--
so after walking the whole store this is what I used it on!!!
Yep!! crazy hu???  This pkg is ususally $15 there--
but was on sale for $12.99--
with my coupon of $12--
these 20 rolls cost me a total of $1.07!!
How is that for good recycling?????

And we did one more trip to the dentist in the morning--
the next one down there on Nov 10 I will finally get the new 'teeth'--
I really really 'hate' this--
just can't wrap my mind and emotions around having to have all that 'plastic' stuff in my mouth--
this is one of the hardest things for me--and it doesn't make it any easier for me to know that thousands of people wear dentures--I just hate the thought of plastic in my mouth--!!!

In other news--
I am enjoying the last couple days of warm weather--
On Monday I went for a long walk and took lots of photos--

hugs, di and miss gracie

Sunday, October 26, 2014


this week--
but here is my 'pic's!!!

1. Paint--
A window painted for one of the races here at the Glen!!

2. Pumpkin--
Seen these pumpkins on someones steps on the way to Knitting class on Friday--
thought the red chili pepper on top of the larger one was a 'nice' touch!!!

3. Family--
This is my friend Anne--
this is her 97 year old mother--Marge!!
I love both of these women like 'family'!!

4. Looking cute--
how cute it this kitten at the yarn shop -- 2 years ago!!

5. Photographer's choice--
I loved this old bare tree--
and one day a friend took me so I could get some photos--
this was a couple years ago now--
and we drove by this spot last week--
I realized that the tree was totally gone now!!
so sad!!!

See ya next week--
have some fun this week -- but stay safe!!
hugs, di and miss gracie

Friday, October 24, 2014


Been busy here--
yesterday I actually got 2 'old' stitching projects framed--

The blessings one is a Bird Brain one and I got it stamped on the wash off fabric-
but do have to say--
I am not a fan of it--
first for me -- it is harder to stitch through and takes longer--
yet is saves alot of time of tracing the design--
you really have to be sure that the thread you are using is colorfast--
mine was not, apparently--
cause it bleed in a couple spots when I had to wet the fabric to wash off the top coating where the design was traced on!!! ( did I make any sense here???)
the other is a counted cross stitch one I did about 3 years ago!!
And here is my knitting for this past week--
The ear flap hats still need some kind of strings for tying and the little red hat --
 I think I may add a pom pom to the very top--
need to take a week off of knitting though!!!
And a couple more fall decorating areas are done--
this is my dry sink as you come into the apartment--
last years wall hanging on my office chair--
the Halloween hexagon quilt on the back of the couch--
and look at what I found 'under' the couch???
Humm--what is that????
a half of a cat--
or the back end of a cat????
hugs, di and miss gracie

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


into the closet and got all the 'fall' stuff down--
and made a big mess on my bed-
so now 'who' is going to come and decorate my place with it all????

Did fuss a bit this afternoon--
did a fall arrangement--
Did the wicker table next to the computer table--
hung the fall runner outside the door--
and this one on the door--

Now to decide what to do with all the rest--
and I need someone 'tall' to come and replace the 2 quilts over the tv and computer table here on the wall with 2 of my fall quilts!!
I really need a taller stool--
it is just--
I would only use that stool about 3 times a year--
and would have to store it someplace in here for just that little bit of usage!!!
some of us have such 'real' problems don't  we?????
Hugs di and miss gracie

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