Saturday, January 14, 2017


It is purple month everyone--
and I actually sewed some purple things on--
Scrappy Saturday--

This year my quilt theme is birds--
So up first is--
Mrs.P--she is soo excited--
she actually got stitched and can now hunt for bugs--

and I will do one string block of that months color for this same quilt--
so each month is a bird and a string block in the months color--
I do have one other block I want to do that will be another quilt--
but that block will have to wait until next Saturday!!!

And here is my 'evenings' work this week-
I am working on the hexie flower quilt from a couple years ago--
this is English paper hexies--I still have a dozen or more flowers to sew to this quilt--
it will be exciting to see how large this one gets,  when I get it all done--?????

What did you get stitched today?????????

Enjoy the moments--Di

Friday, January 13, 2017


I am excited to say that one of the projects
of a 'ufo' can be marked off the list as being done and done!!!

My little circa 2016 is all finished--
and my flowers really like it--
See even when I moved it to the dinning room table--
the jar of flowers had to follow it!!!

Today I was working on putting the rest of the little blocks into a small quilt-
and working on the 9 patches from this same line--
really like how the 9 patches are coming out--
not sure on the little quilt--maybe tomorrow will be better--
but first tomorrow I have to do some stitching with purple fabric--
think I have my pattern picked out for the color of the month club!!!
This is a picture of the near full moon last night or the night before before sunset--
taken from the window here on the 3rd floor!!!
DD says she can get the power lines out of the photo--we will see!!!

Enjoy the moments--di
(yep, even those cold, icy, moments can be enjoyed!!!)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


I went to the grocery store this morning--
sooo many times when I go I look at the fresh cut flowers--
and think about buying a bunch--
but I never do--
until today--
After I bought them and was waiting for the other lady with me--
I had a dreadful thought??
No vase large enough for the flowers--
then I remember this large 2 quart old canning jar that I had
 and that it
had made it all the way down from NY by Fed-ex--and had arrived unbroken--
(remember alot of my old stuff gotten broken in the shipment??)
so the 2 got married and look great together!!!

And here is my window ledge in my bedroom-
During the day I put 2 of my houseplants on the ledge with all my Believe signs--
I also have some birds and one mouse who is the 'guard' of the shelf!!

And here is the finished top of the reindeer quilt-
and here is close up--
and yes there was one more reindeer with the squirrel on his backside left--
so it went on the top left hand corner!!!!
I also ordered the backing fabric for this quilt this week--
it matches the series--

I was COLD yesterday--
I know I shouldn't of been--it was nearly 60 degrees out side--
but I ended up having to put on a sweater, pants and even socks before the day was over!!
Luckily today the sun is out and it is warmer once again--mid 70's!!

Enjoy the moments-di

Monday, January 9, 2017


Monday's I go down to the
Community room and join some other
ladies who like to color--
It is the only time I actually color each week--
After Christmas I bought myself a Christmas gift--
a new set of colored pencils--
there is 126 different colors and then 10 that are frosted colored ones!!
I tried them out today for the first time as they came in a couple days ago--
and I really really like how they color--they are a soft lead pencil so they color and fill in real quick--
They are all lined up in trays and you pull them out of the carrier--all the colors are grouped together too so easy to find the color you want--
and the case has a nice carrying handle and enough room at the top part of the case for my pencil sharpener and a regular pencil and my color scratch sheet--
I ordered this set from Amazon and it was $29.99--
and with ordering some color books so the order totaled $50 I got free shipping--
here is the rest of the order--
This order came in --after class today--
I really love three of these books--just my style of coloring--
don't care for the Bird watchers book--
so will give that one to someone else to use--

I also spent some time yesterday and today putting this 3-ring note book together--
I have printed off  alot of patterns on the printer from the computer--
craft, quilt, cross stitch, wool patterns--
so now they are in the clear plastic sleeves --
much much easier to find the pattern I want or to just look through for ideas!!!

be sure to -Enjoy the moments in your day--di

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