Saturday, May 19, 2018


Did I get done today--
it was just a 'stitchy' kind of day--
first up is my heart report--
Here is Thursday's--
and here is Friday's--
and here is today's--Saturday's--

and here is where I am with the counted cross stitching project-
I was able to get this section finished and get  my robin
sitting on a nest with '3' eggs in it !!
(no you can't see them-but I know they are there!!!)
Felt good to be able to work on this piece this morning--
it has been awhile since I could do that--

and the Second Mermaid is done--
(in fact--hot off the press!!)

I think I will try to darken the crayon coloring on her body--
Ohhh--no she is not done--didn't do the flowers in her hair--darn!!!!)
those poor flowers--first I forgot to color them in--and now I have forgotten to stitch them!!!

So I have 2 out of the 3 done--
and I do have the 3rd one traced and colored in--
but think #4 comes out first part of the week--!!!!

We have been getting some rain every day for about a week now--so finally every thing is greening up nicely around and it is starting to look more like Florida!!!

Ok back to work--


Wednesday, May 16, 2018


At breakfast this morning--
a bug 'bite' me--

a sewing bug--that is!!
So I went back into the kite making business--
This one is the Raspberry Pink one--

Now for the second one I stitched today--
turned out a bit 'weird'--
these fabrics where in my 'pink box'
and when there was curtains on the windows--
they looked pink to me--
(curtains got washed--and those darn 'fairies' haven't showed up--
to iron the hang them back up yet??)
So today as I am working on stitching the tails on--
I realize these fabrics are really more 'orangey' than pink--
oh well--I think I like this one the best so far--so how crazy it that!!
the 'pink' lady liking orange over pink--silly crazy stitcher!!!

And here is my heart for Tuesday--
and here is today's heart--
so now I have 16 sweet hearts in my collection!!

And I did get the 2nd Mermaid block colored in and have
started the stitching on it--but forgot to do a photo --opps!!!!


Monday, May 14, 2018


In all the confusion and living at my daughter's for 5 days--
the one thing "stitching wise" that I did keep up with-
was my hearts---
Here is Saturdays--
Like how I centered that heart to get those roses in???

Here is Sunday's

I did stitched alot of the hearts that I did at my daughter's out on her screened porch
after I ate my breakfast out there--and listened to a ton a birds sing-
we used to have lots more birds here by the river when I first moved down here--
but now--just a couple!!!?????

Here is today's--Monday's--
Yep needed me some 'pink' time today--
and here is this past weeks--
And here is the first 14 days of this month so far--
I am having a fun time stitching these each day--
and the timing was perfect for doing these
 and the fact that Mon or Tues last week--
I prepped about 10 more to stitch so that I could just grab them on my way out of the apartment!!

Update--I am finally back home--slept here last night-that was nice--
have worked steady for 2 days cleaning and wiping everything off --
(the air drying machine coated everything in  a fine gritty powder--everything!!!)
Still not done--but hope to finish up tomorrow!!!
Thanks for all the "we are thinking of Di" emails and comments--
much needed and appreciated !!


We have finally gotten a lot of great rain--
and it was very much needed!!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

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