Monday, August 18, 2014


I picked up the quilt that I am hand quilting this morning-
to work on it a bit before starting the housework--
and made a 'dashily' discovery--
Can you find it??

I thought this was a panel and used it as such--
but if you know your ABC's--and read them--
you will discover that this panel is off a row--
the 'D' is at the end of row two--next to the letter 'H'--
and not on the first row--
the last row of this panel is off by one 'box' for the whole row--
and this was my house quilt--
I have already done some hand quilting on the panel with the lettters--
but have no 'heart' left to finish this one--
looks like Anne will get to finish this one for her hospice collection, to donate--

Why would a designer  do this????

hugs, di and miss gracie

Sunday, August 17, 2014


It has been a rather rough week this past week--
between the tooth removal and discomfort from that--
and the news of the death of a young racer and
then the death of Robin Williams--
I have been in a tailspin all week--
but two good things happened this past week to help me though all that--
one is my younger brother and sister in law was up from Florida for a short visit--
seen them on Wed and Thurs and it was nice to catch up--
though it did not help the pain I was in to talk so much!!!!

Then on Saturday, Anne called and we went to our local quilt show--
and I will be darned if I didn't forget my camera--
me--with out a camera--
but I did enjoy the quilts especially the ones that where hand quilted-
and I was surprised to find several!!
There was about 6 vendors there and these items followed me home--
some new 30's prints for that stash--
now I want to start another 30's quilt!!!
and --

3 more pieces of wool for that stash!!

I have made progress on all three of the projects I showed you--
though it has been slower that I wanted--but????

How are you all doing???
hugs, di and miss gracie

Monday, August 11, 2014


Back to the dentist--
Had the last '3' pulled this morning--
so am in some pain right now--
but we are done with al the pullling part now--

I did buy 3 new T-shirts the other day--
these were only $3.87 at Walmart!!!

and here is the projects that will help me though the
'pain' this week--
the chicken applique wall hanging--
this bottom chicken is done and have started on the next one!!!
Hand quilting this quilt--this is the one that has a row of houses going around the borders of it!!
and a new shawl--have lots more done on this project too!!

All finished is--
this quilt--
and this shawl--
the shawl has not been blocked yet!!!

So as you can see--
I have been busy and plan to stay busy!!!
Oh happy day to you all!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie

Saturday, August 9, 2014


This is a busy week end here--
for me ==
I have lots of sewing plans--
got the binding on the little quilt--
so will be sewing it down this afternoon--
worked on starting a new quilt with hand quilting--
(this one has been waiting awhile--!!)
finished latest shawl last night--
and have started another one--
and this morning I did some prep work on this one--
background is stitched and ready--
and pieces cut for the bottom chicken--
which will be applique!!!

But town is a buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!
as this is NASCAR--week end in the Glen--
This is Carl Edwards--he was at the local Tops grocery store--
along with Ty Dillion--
and some of them have been at Walmart !!

and some have not left the track up on the hill!!!
So while all these guys are racing up on the hill--
I will racing with my needles to see how far I can get on my sewing projects!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie

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