Friday, December 9, 2016

Pssst-DON'T TELL!!

But I think I can show you a couple of my gifty projects--
both are all wrapped and packaged and ready to be mailed--
today or tomorrow--
and the 2,  I am showing--I don't believe have internet--
so won't see them--
First up--
Is a cat wall hanging for my girl friend in NY--
remember Annie who came each Tuesday and we quilted together--
she loves, love, cats and has a house full of them ( at least 5)--
and her favorite color is blue--

Second one--
Is for another friend in NY--
she has 2 of the these kinds of dogs--
and this is my own pattern that I did for her--
done in applique--

I think I have all the packages that need to be mailed out ready to go--
not sure if daughter can come today or if  it will be tomorrow to go to the post office and mail them--
but soon Santa's sleigh will be dropping off some goodies to some friends!!

unfortunately--I still have one gift that is not finished--
a pair of knitted socks--and one order had not come in and won't be here until late on Saturday or Monday--but I have to mail the packages when Santa's sleigh arrives--so there will be packages to mail after Christmas too--!!!
HOW are you doing on your Christmas mailings????
And on  your making of the Christmas gifts????

Love and Laughter, di

Sunday, December 4, 2016


With this new fabric line--
and I love the shop called Missouri Star Quilt company--
they have a daily deal--
and often when they have a charm pack as the daily deal--
it is under $2.50 ( and with only a $5 shipping fee) it is affordable--
and last week this is the one they had--

I know that there is more of this line that will be coming in my mail box right after the holidays!!
I just am not sure yet which pattern I will do  up--
But have no fear I will find me one!!!

Living in Florida one doesn't think one would ever walk in the leaves again--
but I do--
each time I do the path though the jungle--
and yes they 'crunch' just like up in the north!!
only difference is--
I get to wear short sleeved shirts and shorts while I am walking in them!!!!!

now a few days ago along the path I seen this branch--
It is beautiful--long with several groups of small pinecones still attached to it--
it would make a lovely country indoor decoration--
only thing is--it is full of tiny black bugs--
that come out of the wood and pincones at night--
was going to get a can of Matt spray to spray it--
but the price of a can was tooo much--over $10--
so guess I will just have to enjoy it on my walks--
and I am not sure where I really would of put it anyways--
so we will leave nature where I found it!!!

Santa and her elves have been real busy in the workshop--
( as long as there is chocolate--we will be busy!!!)
but no photos can be released right now--
but Mrs Santa is taking photos and putting them in a special Christmas file in the computer for after Christmas--so stayed tuned for that !!

love and laughter, di

PS-can't decide whether to sew or do this--

Sunday, November 27, 2016


Everybody is over Thanksgiving--
and on their way to do the Christmas thing!!!
This is what I was working on this morning--
Coloring--I pretty much just only color on Monday afternoons--
we a group that meets in the Community room--
but am working on Christmas tags--
and as I plan to do some mailing of packages on Thursday--
decided I had better get going---

as the elves were off for Thanksgiving break--
I had to do their work for them and make '14' items that are uncover--
for now--
sorry you will have to wait until after Christmas to see what is really under the cloth--
all I can say is--they are 'cute'!!!

This afternoon will find me working on Decembers counted cross stitching--
and rewatching Downton Abbey--
Hope your Sunday is a good one--

Ohhh--when do we start  baking Christmas Cookies????
love and laughter, di

Thursday, November 24, 2016


and one of the things that I am most thankful for this year--
it 'all my blog readers" from the past year--
I wish each and everyone of you and your loved ones--
nothing but blessing after blessing!
and may all your dreams come true!
Love, Laughter, Blessings--Di

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