Sunday, October 19, 2014


And once again it is Sunday--
and that means I get to 'share' my treasure hunt with everyone!!!

1. Book--
Not sure if this shows any of my 'photography' talent--
but is really was a good read--
and it showed me to not give up on my dream!!!!

2. Mail--
Mostly all I get in the mail is ads and magazines--
and a package or two--
if I order something!!
this last week I order a special camera holder for me to wear to
hold my camera!!

3. Star--
Don't you just love morning glories and how each one has a star within
it's design????

4. Saturated--
I live in an upstairs apartment--
and the other day we got alot of rain and when I looked out the window--
I realized that our sidewalk was 'saturated' in water!!!

5. Wall-
This is painted on the outside wall of one of the buildings on main street--
and seeing as this is a racing town--
what better than race cars!!!!

The weather here has finally gotten down into fall temps--
so it won't be as easy for me to get out and do photos--
but do hope to continue the game!!

Have a great Sunday y'all--
hugs, di and miss gracie

Thursday, October 16, 2014


My stitching fairy actually came by--
But--she brought a couple of her 'friends' with her--
and I don't know if it was her--
or one of her friends-
this is what I got--
instead of--
They must of gotten 'drunk' on my wool stash--
But their excuse was--
that squirrels are grey, too!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


On the dentist front--
made another trip there yesterday morning--
only '3' more trips to go!!!
This has been a long journey this past year--
yesterday made '10' trips so far this year!!!

My girl friend and I looked up a new quilt shop--
And they had a neat greeter at the door!!
and he takes his job seriously!!!
Even to licking your toes if you have sandles on!!
I did not buy much--though--
Just this package of carrot snowmen buttons!!
and in the background is some patterns that I finally got printed off --
maybe the 'work' fairy will come by and get some prep work done on them later!!!

And I forgot to show this photo--
When I stopped at the country shop and got the new pumpkins--
I had also went to the quilt shop for 'a' spool of thread!!!
and came out with some snowmen fabric and this new pattern!!!
Now I know why I don't go over town all the time like I used to!!!!
Happy Fall you all--
hugs, di and miss gracie

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Oh my this is week #6 for me--
At least this gives me a place to share some of my photos--

1. Details--
Lots of detail in this old iron fence that is over a 100 years old--
and surrounds one of the oldest buildings here in town!!

2. Friends---
When I went out to do some photos the other night--
I seen these '2' friends coming back and snapped their picture--
and they both were so quick to pose!!

3. Above--
I was standing 'under' this tree and took a photo looking up into it--
It looks like small bird nests, in this tree too, if you look closely at it!!!???

4. New--
I had stopped at the Country shop here in town the other day to visit with a friend there--
and as I was walking through the store to go out the back door--
the large pumpkin just 'jumped' into my arms and as I turned around to go pay for it--
the second one 'jumped' up into my arms too--
so what is a girl suppose to do?????

5. Comfort--
Me--sitting in my rocker with a quilt over my legs and--
either another quilt to be working on--
a knitting project--
a good book to read --
in that lap!!!

Pray you all have a great week--
hugs, di and miss gracie

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