Tuesday, August 23, 2016


I got 2 more Bee blocks done--
But they are not the ones that everyone else did--
Leave it to me--
to always having to change something--
Here is the 2 blocks that I designed for this quilt-
A clothesline with clothes--
I knew that I would probably do a clothesline when  I first started the quilt--
as clotheslines are sooo country to me--
this block will replace the kite block--

And one has to have a wagon on a farm--
to fill up and pull around the farm!!!!
wanted to color it red--but there is a bit of red in this quilt already--
so did a blue one instead--
this block will replace the row of flowers one--

and now the next 2 blocks are out--
I do love the barn and I love the truck--
just haven't decided if I want to change some of the details or not--hummmm?????

Finally a man gets a ladder and climbs up to my bedroom window for me to elope--
and guess where I am???
Not home--outside taking pictures--
that's me always in the wrong place at the wrong time!!!!

Had another adventure last week--
On Friday a nurse came at 7 am to take some blood and here is her wheels--

She was very good at drawing the blood and a very happy person--
In general I feel that the people who live and work in this area are very happy friendly helpful souls--
I just wished I could say that about the seniors that live here!!

Love and Laughter, di

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Oh that is just Bubbles--
Swimming along in his new set-up--
I had gotten so many new plants that I needed to redo the tank the other day--
and if you look closely you will see Bubbles 2 friends--A & B and then there is the Zebra snail and in the bottom is 2 other tiny snails --so Bubbles has a lot of friends to boss around!!


I did not get alot of stitching done this week so far--
first I had to design my own 2 blocks for the Bee quilt as I wanted a couple more added to my quilt--and decided that I would do that this week--they are finally ready for me to color in later today and then start stitching--I do really like the next couple of blocks to come out in the Bee series though!!
I did get another baby sweater knitted though--
this one is using some of the new colored yarn--
and my favorite color--pink!!!


And as I walked out the back door to go down to the dock--
I snapped this photo--
Now there is a back seat co-pilot if I ever seen one!!!

We are still hot here but finally did get some rain--
we have broke a heat record this year--as of yesterday it had been 56 days of 90 degrees or higher and today will be added to that total--!!!!
love, di
I can't tell you how many days I feel just like this cat!!!!

Friday, August 12, 2016


There is alot of buzzing going on here lately--
so I did work on the last 2 two Bee blocks--
to show for it--
And look at what all that Buzzin created--
a jar of honey!!
and right now I would love one of these--
a chocolate cupcake with strawberry frosting!!
and I would even love to have a black kitty visit me!!!

and now today--I have just downloaded the nest 2 Bee blocks--
we are getting to the end shortly of these blocks--
and I did see some neat Bee fabric that is to come out in Sept that might be just the right one for the lattice on these blocks--time will tell!!

Got a bit more rain--and seen these droplets still hanging around on the plants on the trail a couple days ago--
be good--
love and laughter, di

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


but first--
another finish on time--
(well--on time I mean before the next month comes out--
even though it is 9 days into August!!)
this month's cross stitch was a dog--
she had a white tummy in the original one--
but I made mine to look like a dog I had growing up,
named Rex--and he had a brown tummy!!
Now am waiting for the release of September block--
but probably need to order some more cloth--
I did order some a while ago thinking it would be enough for the rest of the months--
but did not like the cloth when it came in---
I find it very hard to order 28ct cloth and get the right weave and color in!!!

Earlier today I did my 'loop' on the trail--and as I got to near the street end--
our Housekeeper, Tammy was walking towards me--she said she was looking for 'trash' along the path--we stopped on the trail and was visiting when we both noticed something behind us and when we turned to look--
guess 'who' we saw???
She did run into the ferns when we stopped and looked at her--
and we caught her doing this--
she eventually did come back out and did run across the street--
and down to the bank where we feed them--
she got all the peanuts today--she was hungry--
very hungry--as Russell is not feeding them much any more--poor things!!

OHH--and why did I call this post WET--
cause we finally --
finally after 33 or more days of no rain--
got some rain--
and some more rain--
and now we have--
the pond back---
only so far no ducks have come by to enjoy it--
Ohhh--ducky's were are you????
love and laughter, di

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