Monday, January 22, 2018


I am working on doing some more small civil war quilts--
so worked on building a bit of a stash--
and am following this gal--
Kathleen Tracy again--
Remember I did the flower block a couple weeks ago in applique as part
of her new mystery quilt--
and then she is also picking out one quilt from this book each month for us to make--
this months is this one--
with the thinking that we could do it in pink/reds for Valentine day--
but I have decided to do mine with whatever the 'color' is for the month--
so  here is my top--
all done up in blues!!!
this will be about 15 1/2" square when done--
this is ready for batting and backing and basting--
maybe tomorrow!!!????

And I finally --after nearly 3 weeks--

had to turn the air conditioning on today--
as this was just not enough --
Wonder how long this nice 'heat' wave is to last????

Seen this photo on my knitting site--
someone needs to get this poor 'box' kitty a bigger box!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2018


Quite relaxing time--
Not today for me--
I was kinda stressed--
as I did not get any counted cross stitching done this week--
so today I wanted to at least get the house in--
which after some froggin along the way--
I did get it done--
so I do have some progress for --
And Kathy also gave us a challenge this week-
in the photography area--
what kinds of hoops or frames do we use for our stitching--
I tried all kinds of single hoops--plastic, wood, round, oval--
and I tried--
this style years ago--
then I spent good money and bought this one--
and yes it does have a quilt  on it--
it did not stay on it long--
nor did I quilt this one on it--
or any on it--though I tried and tried--

When Sue first opened her quilt shop--
one similar to this one was a big seller--
so I bought one--
my cats loved it--as soon as I got it on my lap--they crawled under it and took a nap on the base--
Ahhh--you can't quilt then--
and it just didn't work for me either--

so this is my hoop--
My hands--
I just need to gap it and hold on to it and away my needle flies!!!
and this is my story--soooo!!!!!
and now for this weeks report on time--

                                      Days stitched this week---7 days
                                     Days stitched this month--20 days
                                   Total Days stitched this year--20 days
                                  Total hours stitched this week--6.5 hours
                                 Total hours stitched this year--15.75 hours--
And remember this is just for Hand Quilting totals--

So now I think all this work and reporting means--
it is time for--
some nice sweet dark chocolate--

I hope everyone had a great week--
and you all will have an even better one this coming week--
Just remember--
"there is always Chocolate"!!!

Saturday, January 20, 2018


I did get some 'Blue' sewing done this week--
My first projects for scraps this year is do some simple-
for 4 1/2" squares--
I got 8 done so far--

and then I took these leftover's from another project--
and cut them in half--
then sewed them together--
and then added a border to it--
the border piece was a scrap strip,too--
and today I finished it off--
into a little mat, or doll quilt-or???
and I forgot to take a photo--but the back is blue print too--

and then I remembered I had some small blocks that were in blues--
and I needed to finish them--
so these are now going to be pin cushions--
I just haven't stuffed them yet--
I need some fine walnut pieces first--
these will be gifts--so I now have a start on next years gifts for some give aways
during the year!!!
The embroidery letters are from 2 years ago
 and the patchwork blocks are from a project last year!!
So some ufo's and orphan blocks-- have gotten marked off my list too!!!!

How are your Blues coming along????

Friday, January 19, 2018


Remember I did the wool block of the month from
Buttermilk Basin site all last year--
it was a row by row --
one row for  each season and we did '3' blocks for each row--
here are my '4' rows--
each of these rows have had their blocks sewn together--
and they each have batting and backing behind them--
and here is the 4 bindings for each row--
as you can tell--
I am not going to put them all together into one wall hanging--
but am making 4 separate rows to display --
one for each season--
and I have an 'idea' on how I want to display them--
but so far I haven't found what I am looking for--
Now to baste them and quilt them
 and then finish adding the buttons and beads to them--
so I have a ways to go yet--but progress has been made---!!!

And this snowman is 'joyful' cause--
all the blocks are now hand quilted and we are working on the lattice and borders!!
Let's see I have--
11 more days to finish this one--ouch!!!
I did have a 'happy' find  the other day--
I went to my box of bindings to be sure I had make the binding,  for this quilt--
and there is was--and also in the bag with the binding was--
all the buttons and trims for this quilt--
I was "wondering" where they might be--
as it has been along time since I made these blocks up--
and with the move--I really had no idea what I had done with them!!!!

and for a chuckle--

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