Wednesday, December 17, 2014


this place I call home is looking like Christmas--
This is under the tree now--
I love mice!! and small counted cross pillows!!!
Most of these I bought years ago when I did craft shows and are done by the same lady!!
one corner of the couch--
all done by me!!!
But this corner has 2 loved gifts from blog friends on it--
I did do the felt Santa though!!

and this snowman and, now his favorite tree,
 sit on the stand beside my rocker--
I love this snowman!!!
Took down a couple cross stitches so I could hang these up and then also discovered that it was the perfect spot for my church!!
And this is the area over my cutting table--
the lines where I am hanging my Christmas cards are pinecone garlands--
that I got at the Country store uptown--
Hugs, di and miss gracie

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I know I had set  my goal over on the other site--
to have all my Christmas decorating done by Sunday evening--
that did not happen--
but I am steadily working on it--
A couple Christmas quilts got hung up--
the big tree is finished--
and two smaller trees are finished--
this one is by my rocker--
and there is a Christmas quilt on a rack behind it--
this one has mostly small teddy bears on it--
and clear lights--
the all white one is on the dry sink as you come in the door--
and has alot of red things on it--along with red wood bead garland!!
the wool Nativity seems to like where it is now--and so do I--
as I can see it well from my rocker--
along with the new Santa wall hanging hanging on the door to the china cabinet!!!!
Another quilt and the stocking are up!!
and another Christmas gift has arrived and is on the chair with Annie!!!

This morning I did get the sewing room cleaned and alot of stuff put away--
(we won't tell you that my large walk in closet will need a really good cleaning and reorganizing after the holidays--though--ok???????)
So I am not done yet--but--
I hope to be by bedtime tonight????????
Is your decorating done????
Hugs, di and miss gracie

Sunday, December 14, 2014


I got '4' of Shell's free Christmas tag
designs done--
I can't believe that I have been able to do so much new sewing this year--
the black ribbon with the white polka dots is from packages that Shell sent me when I ordered things from her shop!!!
Thanks Shell--I really had fun making these and they will hang on my tree for years to come!!!

along with Di and miss gracie!!

Friday, December 12, 2014


Can you tell I love red pick up trucks--
The large pillow in the back I did 3-4 years ago and is applique--
and there is my new little metal red truck with it's tree--
( did not realize that the truck is screwed onto the black base--
not sure how to get it off or if I should take it off???)
and then there is the new little pillow--
that is fresh off the needles last night--
I still need to close that opening on the bottom!!
I found this pattern while reading the Buttermilk Basin site these couple weeks--
it is a new entry on the right in my blog reading list!!!

And this is the new look for the Nativity scene--

how do you like how it looks like a "halo" over the baby Jesus,
 that the flash made from the TV screen when I took the photo????

And this wall hanging is finished--
And I even worked on the paper piecing tree that I stitched back in July--
I got the batting cut for it and have found the backing--
now I need to make a big mess and tear off the tissue paper from the back of the tree!!

And I have another quilt wall hanging top ready for hand quilting--
remember this one from a couple years ago???

And I have been working on these since yesterday afternoon--
and also cut out is Polly and Paul the penguins!!!
so I have my work--cut out for me!!!

Whats on your work table--
or in your hand work basket?????
Hugs, di and miss gracie

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