Monday, April 24, 2017


You better be good--
cause guess who is in town???
Why Santa of course--
As I am doing snowflakes for all my backgrounds--
I decided to use the gray one for Santa--
as we know he has to be on all those roof tops with the chimney smoke--
so the snow has to be a bit 'grey'--right???
I thought this block would be the easier of the two I had to stitch--
I was wrong--sorta--
both had a 'tough' spot--
here is the other one I did this week end--
the Cardinal--that top row gave me 'fits'--
I kept getting the direction wrong--
but then you have to remember I am the gal that can never remember--
her left from her right!!!!
On the Santa is was his eye and eye brow pieces that gave me fits--!!!!

I am nearly caught up on this months bom's--
still have the Patchwork block to do (6 small ones and one large one)
and today another 2 blocks came out in the teapot paper piecing quilt--
so I am still stitching--when I can find the time--

Today is my daughters 49th birthday--
so in about half hour she is coming for me and I am taking her shopping and to lunch--
we did go on an adventure yesterday--
we went and walked and walked the Art Festival in Wickham park--
think I heard someone say there was 120 booths-it seemed more than that to me--
then we went to Chili's for a late lunch--!!!

             Enjoy the moments, di

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Or at least trying to get there--
But first here is the block that I worked on allll last week--
this is the first block on row 2 from Buttermilk Basin bom--
and the first block on the summer row--
the first row was the spring row!!

And today I got my paper piecing patterns caught up--
a pitcher done in pinks and roses--
and a--
teapot done in purple--
decided I had to do one in purple to remind me who got me into this 'mess'--
I mean bom --
I really am enjoying this quilt--and Monday more blocks will be out--
so that is why I did these 2 first--

I also got pieces cut out for the last 2 blocks on the Christmas quilt--
the cardinal and the Santa face--
now if the fairies will sew them together over night for me--that would be great!!
that cardinal looks 'hard' to do!!!!

and I have been busy reading--
yep me--
am on my 3rd book since last Wednesday---!!!!!

Sooo--what are you all doing this week end????


Wednesday, April 19, 2017


I also got myself a gift on  Easter Sunday--
I bought a cute cabinet from a tenant that is moving out--
for only $10--!!
Every time I helped this tenant carry in her groceries I had admired this cabinet--
(her daughter said that she had painted it for her mother years ago--)
and as,  I love Black Eyed Susan's, I just had to buy it, Plus, I needed some storage!!

and now I have a lamp in my bedroom too--
And for those 'wondering' yes it is already filled with 'treasures'!!!

The 3rd curtain panel came in on Saturday so the kids got that hung for me and
the holders put up so I can pull the 2 outer curtains to the side--
can't believe how much different it looks in here with the teal curtains!!

And Miss B has taken her carrot off and it is going in with  the Easter stuff for next year!!
She asked to stay out her with me--she thinks I need some 'advice' on my quilting!!???

And in the mail on Monday the rest of the fabric came in to go with these blocks--

so once I get my bom's months caught up I can get back to that one--

It has been a rough week this week working the Night Angel job--
I figured out today that I work a 53 hour straight shift from Friday at 5pm to Monday at 8 am--
and then 15 hour shifts from Monday night through Friday at 8 am--that is a total of 125 hours--
every 4 weeks that I work--ouch!!!!
There has been some other calls and things to deal with besides the tenant who went to the hospital on Easter Sunday--and she did break her wrist--she goes to the Dr tomorrow for either a full cast or maybe surgery  and a cast--she is 81 years young!!!!

So I have been really tired and achy all week--and haven't gotten alot of stitching done--
but did get this one prepped--
the next wool block from Buttermilk Basin--and it is now about half stitched--
Mostly I have read!!!

What is everyone else working on???
              Enjoy the moments, di

Monday, April 17, 2017


Let's show off some Easter Baskets--
but first I did get some eggs colored--
and each of my kids (remember they are 48 and 41)--picked out a few and took them home
for lunch today--
I also made a plate of deviled eggs -before coloring them--for our Easter Dinner--

and in the morning when I left the apartment to do my Night Angel rounds--
I found this outside my door--
Ohh--wonder what is in the egg--
maybe some money????
Oh--more chocolate--almost as good as some money!!!!

Here is the baskets I did up for the kids--
Yes my baby boy the 41 yr old--loves star wars!!!
and I got the baby girl 48 yr old for one more week (then she will be 49-ouch!!) a tote bag with a minion on it--she loves them!!

See none of us has grown up--one loves Star Wars, the other the minions and Mom still colors Easter Eggs!!!!

And this is what they got me--
the basket was from Dawn and the 2 bags of candy was from Dan--
last year it was Dan who got me a basket--they must be taking turns!!!
Any ways there is lots of goodies in this basket--
starting with those 2 really pretty birds on the handles--they clip on and have the long glittery tails--
Opps looks like 'some bunny' got into the caramel chocolates already!!!!

I did end up with a call with a tenant who fell outside the door--
at first her daughter just wanted a bandaid from me--but when I came up to get her one--
I decided that I really needed to check her out as I would need to write up a report on the Fall--
the bleeding was minor--it was her other wrist that gave me an alarm---so I told her she needed me to call the EMT's which she said was ok--

and they agreed with me that she needed to go to the hospital and to get it x-rayed and seen--there was a total of 4 young men--2 Emt's and 2 with the Ambulance--and I don't think any of them was over 25 yrs old--but they were the nicest young men and friendly to us old folks--was joking with me too---they can come back anytime and entertain us!!!

that was late on Easter Sunday afternoon--
so did not get back here to work on dinner until 4:30--but dinner came out great and we all got 'stuffed'--oh wait--you get 'stuffed' at Thanksgiving--wonder what it is called when you eat too much on Easter--anyone know?????

And where was this guy last night when I needed help with all the dishes and clean up after the kids went home--


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